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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I Gave Up!

I truly believe that as I get older, there really are less hours in a day!! I just can't seem to ever get everything I want to do done. It used to be if I put it on a list for a certain day, I did not go to bed until everything on the list was done. Those days are gone. Now, I just move it to tomorrow's list, and then tomorrow's  and tomorrow's until there are NO MORE tomorrows left! That is kind of what happened with my plans to add another pallet sign to our collection. I had "pinned" so many Christmas sign ideas. I love making these things. They are fun to do and inexpensive to make...their only drawback is that they do take some time-something that is just not readily available in the month of December!

And so, when my BFF, Pottery Barn, sent me an email with an offer I could not refuse, I fell for it. The one spot that was still bothering me in the dining room was the "pear" picture over the love seat-don't know why but it just didn't seem to fit in. Then, I happened upon the tin star when I was down with Kris and now the sign completes the picture. Funny thing is that everyone who sees it automatically asks if I made it. I feel a little guilty-but, I'll get over it!

I really love this sign. It is painted on a reclaimed piece of wood and is just what was needed to fill this space with something a little more Christmasy!

And while we are in the dining room we might as well look around. I actually try to keep this room a bit less decorated because we use it a lot during the season and it is so much easier to do so without having so much to move.

We are almost finished with this year's tour-and good thing too as the day is almost upon us. Bake to baking cookies but I'll be back. Stay tuned.

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