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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's All About "Family"

So here we go into the family room.

I must admit I left the mantle pretty much as it was last year. I was going to bring all of my Santas back out this year but, alas, there really was just not time to do a total redesign. That always takes me awhile and this year, I feel as if I have been playing catch-up from the very beginning! I'm OK with it but might start thinking about next year a little bit earlier!

Our tree is really beautiful this year. It goes right to the ceiling and is pretty full. It did have a lot of those branches that are hard to decorate in that they start on one side of the tree and end up on the other but as I hung the ornaments and they relaxed a bit, it all fell nicely into place. And, I am still using the tree skirt that my mom made for us many years ago. It really doesn't even fit the stand we use these days, but I don't care. I just remember how proud she was of this "quilted" effort and I love it!

Sorry about this blurry picture...either my camera is getting old or my eyes are! I still love this wreath so much! My sister-in-law, mom and I each made one many, many years ago on the day after Thanksgiving. We all gathered up ornaments before the day so we could assemble them together. My wreath contains some ornaments that I used to put on the tree in my bedroom when I was young as well as a number that I made and gave as gifts over the years. We were all pretty proud of ourselves as we "modeled" these after a wreath for sale at a favorite country store that had a very high price tag. Ours look so similar but are so much more meaningful to us as each contains our special memories and treasures.

Speaking of special treasures...this is the first 50th anniversary gift hubby and I have received. It was made for us by my cousin and could not be more perfect! It incorporates several of my favorite things...decor for a holiday and a hand made gift. She said she knew if she made it a Christmas theme (and we WERE married just 2 days after Christmas), I would bring it out every year and remember our special day... and, of course, my special cousin. I love to make things for other people but it always touches my heart when I realize that other people would spend their time making something so special for us.

I wanted to get this post "under my belt" as we are leaving in a few minutes to go visit daughter #1 and her family for a bit. Can't wait to see how she has decorated this year and take in all of the beautiful sights and sounds of beautiful St. Pete and the water front. Do I really need to be giving up this many Christmas "prep", not really. But, when all is said and done, the Christmas season is all about spending time with family and friends so if there is some-"thing" that doesn't get done, oh well. We are making memories that will fill our hearts and thoughts forever.

I'll be back with more. Stay tuned.

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