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Monday, December 21, 2015

The Heart of the Home

Time is slipping away quickly and I have not been very good about getting the rest of my Christmas decor posted-and yes, I know you will go on without seeing this, but I like to keep it all on my blog to help jog my own memory in the future-and these days, it needs LOTS of jogging! So let's hit the kitchen today.

I always am taken aback by how much my Santa cookie jar looks like that small sketch on the right above. I bought those pictures many, many years ago at market when my friends and I were selling things in a local craft co-op. I have always loved them and they find this special place every year.

So really no major new inspiration around here but, for some reason, this is one holiday that I really like keeping to the traditions. It feels homey and "right". When the girls were all here this weekend, those were the comments I heard-they like to come in and have it feel like Nana and Papa's. What more reason could I possibly ask for to give me "permission" to repel change for change sake. I am a "purist" as I so often like to tell my kids. As much as I love the beautiful, new colors of Christmas, I NEED my red, green, pine and Santas to feel at home. More to share soon. Stay tuned.

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