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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Halls Are Decked!

I have everything done except for the grand kids "dormitory" which also serves as my office. It has looked like a tornado has been through for the last few days so I have still to decorate but I will soon. I still put up the Barbie tree with pink lights in this room. The tree is a hold over from when the first four grand daughters were small and now Presley loves it as much as they still do. My grand children seem to have the same need for tradition as I do and they don't like me to change things-wouldn't feel like Nana and Papa's if I did!

In any case, let's start in the living room.

I actually started my decorating here in the foyer and thought I would try going with just the silvers and golds. Well, I tried. Just couldn't help myself...and the red and green snuck in before I knew what happened.

I still treasure this star ornament made for me by my cousin. She used buttons out of our Nana's button box. This has a particular meaning to me because Nana worked in a sweater factory and used to bring us bags of buttons that my cousins and I would string into countless necklaces-hours and hours of fun for us!

Every time I do this vignette, I marvel at just how much the Santa that I cross stitched so many years ago resembles the stuffed Santa I have behind the candles...serendipity!

I love my new dough bowl full of vintage ornaments. Some of these ornaments were my moms and some were my in-laws. I am going to keep my eyes open for more because next year I would like less greenery and more shiny beauty!

This little concrete niche hangs next to a corner cabinet in our living room. I have a simple little arrangement on a doily that is one of the last ones my mom made. When she was staying with us and looking for things to do, we encouraged her to make us all some doilies in holiday colors. She had made hundreds of doilies in her lifetime but always white or ochre. She really wasn't sold on the idea of colors but when we got her orange and black and then red and green, she went to town...and we all treasure them so much.

One room down...more to come. Stay tuned.

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