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Friday, December 18, 2015

"Re-entry" is Difficult!

I am still having such a hard time getting back into routine...our trip was way too relaxing and decadent! We went down to spend some time with daughter #1 and her family and were actually gone 6 days! When we left, I was nowhere near ready for Christmas but somehow, this year, that isn't really bothering me. We have all decided to cut back on the "details" of the holiday and just enjoy the little things-which really aren't little things at all when you think about it. Trying to fill this holiday with lots of family time making treasured memories.

It is kind of ironic that while we were down with the gang, our grand daughter was working on a school project and asked if she could record an interview with hubby and me on our almost 50 years of marriage. One of her questions was to recall a favorite moment spent together. After 50 years of marriage and 4 years of dating, you would think I would have many, many highlights from which to choose-and I do. But, the reality of it all is that so many of the "little things" came flooding back...just time spent together doing the "mundane". No big "Aha" moments. Those are the times I treasure most.

And so it is with this holiday season. We are doing more of spending time and less of spending money and I am really enjoying it all. No frenzy. I am just now starting to wrap the gifts I have...others still need to be found. I haven't baked the first cookie but will have some treasured time with 5 grand daughters this weekend, so we will see what we can do. Everything just seems to be falling into place and that which doesn't, doesn't. Maybe it was this lovely break that put me in such a mellow mood...

This is one of my favorite spots in the whole world...the front porch of my daughter's house. This is how I started every day down there...

...and this is how I ended every wonder it was so relaxing! But, we did squeeze in some things in between.

This beauty was right up by me most of our stay and his old, black lab sister was right at our feet.

We headed in to Tampa on our first full free day. We ate lunch at Wright's Gourmet Deli and as you can see by this picture, I couldn't decide on a side for my we tried 5 different ones and they were all delicious!! And, of course, I couldn't leave this place without buying my favorite dessert in the whole world-their fresh coconut torte cake. I absolutely love this stuff! Let's just say it is a good thing that I don't live closer to Tampa! Then, we were on to Hyde Park to do some shopping in some of my favorite stores.

This is the prettiest little shopping town and it is always so beautifully decorated at this time of year!

The next day we had a bunch of errands to run and shopping to do-with 2 very active teenagers in the house, the amount of Secret Santa, gift exchange and cookie exchange gifts that were needed was amazing! After a busy day, we decided to stop in to a restaurant on the water owned by one of my daughter's best friends. Always so relaxing to sit and eat with this view.

On our last day, we walked down to the water from Kris' house and decide to grab a few rockers on the veranda at the Vinoy for a glass of wine and some of their delicious homemade potato chips. Once again, a beautiful, relaxing view.

And so we rocked and enjoyed...

...and rocked some more...

...and enjoyed some more...

...and before you knew it, it was dark and we were hungry again.

So, we called the girls who were out shopping and they came to meet us for dinner.

After dinner, Liv had to head home for lots of homework but the rest of us enjoyed roaming around downtown.

We have been home a few days and life is getting back to normal. Next week promises to be full but fun. Have a few parties as well as cookie baking with the youngest kids and then their musical program at church on Christmas eve. This weekend all of the girls will be here for our traditional Nutcracker weekend-so excited. And then, everyone will be here for Christmas and the next morning we are all headed to Savannah for a few days for the family to help us celebrate our 50th anniversary. This was supposed to be a surprise but I got a notion that something was up and since I am not the greatest with surprises, I wanted to know what was happening...much easier to plan and pack when you have an inkling of what is to come! Last time they rented a 6 bedroom house on Snowshoe Mountain and let's just say, we had to pack a little differently for that one! I know I will have much to share. Stay tuned.

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