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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Fun Begins!

On my last trip to my youngest daughter's house, much talk-and even pictures- came up about this year's Halloween costumes. That is usually my head's up that time is getting precious. Since I make most of the kids (I say that because as some of them get older, they are wanting to put together their own looks now) costumes as well as my husbands and mine, days start to fly by rather quickly. If I am going to have any planning time as far as decorating or crafts, it had better be now!

So this is one of my "think tanks". It is my sunroom and many ideas get started right in this chair. I will peruse magazines, Pinterest downloads and pictures from years past.

One day my daughter dropped by as I was decorating for a holiday and she saw the pictures I had by each vignette. I heard her say "so that's how you do it". Didn't realize it was a big deal....kind of thought everyone did that. I can't tell you how much time it saves. I try to change things up every year-but, that being said, the pictures give me a good jumping off spot.

Do I think they sometimes stifle my imagination? Maybe. But, I am out and about enough-plus I have privy to all of the "latest" via Pinterest-that I see lots of new things and constantly hatch new ideas. Sometimes I like to keep things the same just because I love them so much.

You probably know by now that seasonal and holiday decorating are a passion of mine. They make my heart beat faster and all seems right with the world when I am amongst those treasures. But, I DO have over 18 Rubbermaid containers FULL of Halloween decorations-and those are just the inside things-so it really takes me a FULL 3 days to get things out and then several more to Tweak. I need my jumping off points!

So I will begin by looking at last year's pictures and making notes of what I want to change.

Then, I begin to gather up the new things I have acquired through the year. I am always on the hunt for a new seasonal or holiday decoration and many times when they are out of season, they are real bargains. Also, if you shop for "colors" after a holiday you can many times find things that will work perfectly for another holiday-e.g.-red after Christmas can be used for Valentines or July 4th. The fun really starts as I try to decide where my new goodies will look best.

And, lastly, I must finish up all of the crafts I have started. I always have the best of intentions when I start my crafty gifts early but somehow I never have the impetus to fully finish them until I begin to see that holiday creeping into the stores and magazines. Somehow it takes that last little push to get me going.

So, I am heading into the dining room to finish up a few things and then off to the stores tomorrow to buy more supplies for a new idea or two.

Am I already feeling a bit overwhelmed? You bet! But in the best of ways. I love to feel as if I will never get done. That is what really gets me moving. LOVE to have all of the projects waiting for me. But, I will also take time this year to enjoy all of the other things this beautiful season has to offers-sights, smells and tastes-before it is once again just a memory and I am on to my next decorating adventure! Stay tuned.

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  1. I am sure there is an official diagnosis for this disorder you have . . . and of course, it must be genetic! Thanks a bunch!