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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Autumn Tour Wrap Up & Tweaks

Kept the guest bath pretty simple-just this sachet, some guest soaps, an autumn towel or two slipped over regular towels on racks and a small scarecrow or pumpkin nestled here or there on the shelves.

Did manage to get something a little better under the foyer table. Just used the old, dried hydrangeas that had turned the perfect shade of brown in the wooden boxes and added the small velvet pumpkin.

I also added the white candles to this box. I think the addition of white in the candles balances the one white pumpkin I have in the box. I am usually a "purist" when it comes to holiday color, but I find myself pinning more and more white pumpkin vignettes. There is something very mellow about them and I think I will probably be using a lot of them in my November decorating.

Kept it pretty simple in the sunroom as well. Since I just added the soft aqua and taupe valance, I really wasn't in a hurry to take it down and go "all out autumnal colors" again. So, I just left everything as it was and popped in a few hits of orange. These wooden pumpkins sit on top of the hutch that sits on the self-contained fireplace I have out there-will have to do a post on that piece some day. I actually have big plans for it in my Halloween decorating so maybe we can talk more about it then.

Since I didn't use this runner on the DR table this year, I tried it out here and I like it!

Front entry about the same as last year. Those leaves around the door are getting a bit worse for wear, but they have become sort of a tradition as they annoy my husband so much as he enters and leaves through this door that it is almost a joke by now....and he has come to expect it. He will twist them up around the lantern or back around themselves and then I will come behind him and hang them back in his way again. Oh the fun of old age!!!

Sneaking in two self indulgent photos of grand daughters just because I can. It is that time of year again and since just about every one of my grand children is involved in some sort of team activity, there are many opportunities to find oneself sitting in the bleachers of a gym or field somewhere on just about any given night. So far we have only made it to one volleyball game for Hannah-last on the right above-because hubby is under a huge deadline at work. Once we are free of that, we will hopefully be off to see many more of their events.

Here is Caitlin at a practice for her Devilette dance squad. Hope to get down to see her in action some Friday night soon. She performs at all of the football games this time of year. Takes me back to the "good old days" when we had 2 girls cheering and had to sit through many a football or basketball game-never thought we would be back there again.

Hope to have pictures of all of the other kids soon. Know it will keep you on the edge of your seats. Stay tuned

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