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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hidden Treasures!

Can you see it? My little hidden treasure! I love it when things happen like this. Serendipity some would say. I have to agree.

I needed just the perfect little accent for the one still empty spot in my house. But, since I was in the middle of refinishing the chest in the LR, I didn't stew over this issue too long.

Instead, I decided that while I had the drawers from the chest emptied out as it was being painted, I would use that opportunity to purge some of the things crammed in there.

I really never think of myself as overly nostalgic, but there are some things I have a very hard time parting with. They mostly concern children-mine or those I "borrowed" while I was teaching and thought of as "mine". Now, we are talking about going back many, many years. Seems as if I kept copies of every bulletin board, craft project, field trip, citizen of the week, etc. I love those little faces and the memories of all things "classroom". I decorated my classroom as I do my house-as a matter of fact, I think my love for the seasons and holidays only grew all the more from living with them day in and day out at school.

I always had double sets of prints developed and at the end of the school year, I presented each child with a pictorial memory book. The parents loved them but I'll bet even all of theirs have found their way into the trash by now. Funny how so many of the names came rushing back as I looked at these memories. But, it was time to let go. After all, these pictures were filling drawers....which I needed... as I guess I have kept every card for every occasion that my daughters and grand children have given us as well. These I had to keep! And, while simply perusing them, I saw my treasure.

Now this treasure was in the form of a handmade Grandparents' Day card from Caitlin and Olivia from 2002. It was made in collage style from the most beautiful hand printed tissue papers-I think.

It is made in the way Eric Carle illustrates his books. My daughter has always had one framed in her autumn decor and I have always loved it. Now I have one too and it has been here all along! Oh yeah, the frame was also a "drawer find". Maybe I should tackle a few more drawers or telling what might turn up!

Most of this room looks like it did last year. I tweaked a few things and added a few new items. I bought the leaf plates in the hutch last year at Wal-Mart. They were from their BH&G line. I bought 4 with intentions of getting more but never made it back. When I ran in the other day, hoping to find the same plates this year, I should have known better. They are a completely different look and I am not a fan. So, I guess I will be using only the 4 I have for ever after. If anyone sees this design pop up anywhere else, please let me know.

They did have the same chargers as last year, so I snagged one of them to use on this rack. I needed something to fill a gap and this charger is pretty light weight. Figured it would be safe up there even if someone closes the cabinet door on the other side of the wall a little too hard-ask me how I thought of that??!

I liked the muted tones of the PB runner (which I still haven't officially shortened but somehow it doesn't bother me any more) so I found a new home for my autumn leaf runner-stay tuned to see where it landed this year.

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  1. Looking good. I am currently tackling my large Pottery Barn hutch. Yes, we hand-painted the tissue paper, then let it dry, cut the leaves and voila', Eric Carle-esque tree. Back to decorating.