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Monday, September 17, 2012

Eat Your Heart Out Nell Hills

This beautiful piece of furniture is for sale in Nell Hills-or their sister store Garritys- and I love the finish on it. PB has also had some pieces with this finish that I have been drawn to. It is the kind of finish that always prompts my husband to say "how much are they paying you to take it off their hands?". I really don't know why it talks to me-it just does!

Since I really don't have any big projects on the fore-front right now-not that there aren't many begging to get done. There are just too many other things going on right now for me to zero in- I was passing through my dining room the other day when the thought struck. Why not grab a piece of sand paper and see what trouble I could get into.

So that is exactly what I did. I started on the small side board in that room. Mind you, this is not an expensive piece of furniture. And, since I have personally taken it on all of its transformations starting as an unfinished piece of pine furniture to walnut and then on to black sides and front with walnut top and most recently to all black, I didn't have the slightest doubt about tackling his transformation.

Here is what it looks like now and I like it. After I sanded off some of the black paint, I hit it with a pretty heavy coat of furniture paste wax. Those dull area that you see are where I didn't get enough of the wax buffed off. And, when my arm recovers, I will head right back there and get on it. None the less, it was a really quick fix and gave me a new feel to this piece. I have 2 more black pieces in this room and I think they are going to get the same treatment as well. After all, it didn't cost me a cent and if (when) I tire of this finish, there are so many more left to try.

Looks just like it could be sitting on the showroom floor of Nell Hills-well, almost. But, it works for me. Think how great all of that black furniture will look very shortly with all of my Halloween decorations. Coming soon! I can't wait! Stay tuned!!

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