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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Have I told you how much I love autumn? I seriously think my blood pressure goes down 20 points by just breathing in the colors and scents of this season! Even though I have been trying to pare down my decorating, I just could not stop myself from squeezing in every little bit of "autumn" that I could. Come on along as we go through the kitchen today....all pretty self explanatory.

Don't know if you can see it, but I have a new scent from Bath & Body Works burning-it is called Autumn Day. The smell is wonderful and the green color fits right in with my autumn decor-I figured there was still plenty of time left for all of the pumpkin candles I recently bought as well. Seems that the more coupons this store sends me, the more I have to run in and buy. Truly am stocked up with candles, matching hand soap and matching wall-smellies until February!!

The new guy on the block here is the orange pot. I found it at Ross-where I don't usually find ANYTHING! There were several other matching pieces that day but I didn't get them. Wish I had but they are no longer to be found. I think I only paid $8.99-so much less expensive than PB or Southern Living. Oh well, you would think I would have learned this lesson by now!

Don't know if I like this arrangement yet or not. I used to hang my "autumn" sign here but it has a new place of honor on the family room mantle. Didn't have anything else to hang, so I just propped my Southern Living tray up. It still looked a bit bare, so I hung this leaf-that is really meant to be a "doilly"-can't think what else to call it. Any how, it is growing on me.

Still have so many flowers blooming I couldn't resist a bouquet. Just found the first of the mums available today, so I have several of them ready to be planted or potted as well. Next post we're on to the dining room. Stay tuned.

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