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Friday, June 1, 2012

July-Here I Come!

So, as you can see, I have changed my banner and am ready to go full steam ahead into my 4th of July decorating. The only problem is that we are having a much needed rainy day today and I am enjoying it so much that I can't quite get the decorating going.

Thought I would do it tomorrow but think I may be off on a Pottery Barn run, so we will see. Do you ever have days like that when you see something and just HAVE to have it? Just can't get it off your mind? That happened to me a few days ago with a basket to complete a kitchen idea I have been toying with. I know I could just order it, but I really like to see things in person to get a better feel. Plus, I get a trip to our closest Pottery Barn which just happens to be in one of my new favorite shopping areas, The Shoppes at Wiregrass. Of course, if this idea comes together, it just might be the impetus I need to get me going on a much needed kitchen re-do!

Hopefully I will get "the bug" after that. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking....stay tuned!

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