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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sew, Sew Busy!

O.K. I admit that is a pretty lame pun. But, I really did spend my day sewing. I also must admit that sewing is really not a favorite pass-time of mine any longer. About the only time I break out this baby... in September when I start sewing Halloween costumes. Once upon a time, I sewed almost everything my girls and I wore. That was back in the days of plain Jane clothes and relatively inexpensive fabrics and patterns. I loved the way I could co-ordinate all of our outfits-although, apparently, my girls were never real fond of that idea! We were dressed alike for almost every special occasion. Then, name brands became available in girls' sizes and they each developed their own different styles-although there were many "discussions" over particular Esprit and Bennetton outfits that they each wanted to wear on a particular day-but, I digress.

In any case, I will bring out the machine for home decor these days because it is one way you can be sure of getting just the color and pattern of fabric you want on any particular piece.

When we first added the sunroom, I made a valance of reds, oranges and greens to go over the top of the windows. I backed it in an off white and the plan was to use the "hot colored" side in the summer and fall and switch it over to the solid color in winter and spring. For some reason, I never flipped it until this year and when I could see the stripes through the white side, I got to thinking of other options.

Since this room is almost all windows, there is a glare on the TV most of the time. I thought about a way to cover the windows while the TV was on, but this is the least watched TV of all of the TVs we own and I really didn't want to cover the windows after waiting so many years to finally get this room! I looked into bamboo shades . Thought if I could hang them high enough, all of the blind would slip behind the valance & no scenery would be obstructed. This is where we watch most of the wild life that visits our yard daily after all. But, in order to get them big enough, I would have to go to custom and I truly am not ready to spend that kind of money in this room.

And so, I found this Waverly fabric at JoAnns. The valance I make is super simple. Really just one long, wide tube of fabric. I sew the lining opposite the front and turn. Slip stitch closed, iron, put on rings and hang. It is simple and doesn't take away any of the window but adds a finishing touch to the room.

I picked this fabric because I want to add some light turquoise to the room. I am really not a blue person but I love the grayish, green blues that are out now. I also found a room I love in "Tuscan Style" magazine that uses these colors with a pop of a coral orange and I think I will try that too.

This pillow that I found at Hobby Lobby (40% off) has the colors I like so I think I will pull all of the others from here. We will see where we land. Also like the script and the fact that it is a postcard. What could say "summer" any better? Going out to look for accessories next week. Don't want to do too much because I know the minute there is the first hint of autumn, I will be switching back again.

And now with this project pretty much behind me, I am on to the 4th of July decorating tomorrow-can't wait. Stay tuned.

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  1. Love the Waverly fabric and it looks fantastic in that room. I have something similar that I am thinking of for curtains for our Master. I am getting ready to put on the new comforter when my bedskirt and lamps from Pottery Barn arrive. You know I love those colors!!