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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Can't Wait Any Longer!

Remember these? We made a stop at the Shoppes at Wiregrass on our way home from Gulfport last week. I am not overly into PB right now as most of what they are featuring is still too "summer" for me. I grew up in south Florida and am just not a fanof shells, coral, sea glass or "beachy" decorating anything-although I really love the beach itself!

But, when I am this close to a PB, I must make a stop. Lucky for me, Indian summer was sneaking in and I found a few goodies that I will be able to use in a lot of my decorating all year long.

I seem to be drawn to olive jars, urns and jugs that have the old, beaten look. Since this one is a slightly different style than my others, I grabbed it. It also didn't hurt that it is red as it will be out much of the year-even if it is just sitting up on a shelf or below a table in a vignette. Right now it is fitting into the 4th theme on the kitchen hutch. Doesn't scream 4th of July, but it doesn't need to as the color is right. And, believe me, I do not really need to add one more flag to my house!

While I was there, I also grabbed another of these wonderful baskets. I love the one in my kitchen so much that I am sure this one will be put to good use very soon. Until then, it serves as a prop on the coffee table in the living room.

I also got this small cache pot. It sits in the sun room while I am deciding if the gold works with the new valances. Yes, I stuck it up there and still haven't even taken off the price tag. I really bought it to go with my decorating after the 4th when I bring out my sun flowers and go for the hot, end of summer feel. It will look so pretty clustered with the red jug soon!

Look closely at the sunroom table. Notice anything new?

I just added this large lantern and, as with most everything I do, there is a story. Remember how I posted that having 3 daughters who know my taste is like having 3 extra pair of eyes. As I was driving to Gainesville the other day, my phone rang and my youngest told me she had just left HL and they had some of their lanterns on sale for 80% off. I have a lot of lanterns and really don't need more, but she thought I might want to see what they had.

Since I was more than half way there, I continued on but as I was heading home later in the day, I thought I may as well swing by to see if any were left. As I neared Ocala, the beginnings of tropical storm Debby started hitting and the rain was really coming down. I really don't like to drive in the rain but 80% off was too good to pass up. Before I knew it, I was driving through totally flooded roads but it was too late now to turn back so I forged ahead.

It was a bit of a nail biting ride, but I made it and luckily for me, there was only one large lantern left. It had been $109.99 - which obviously no one would spend for a lantern in HL - but I got it for $22.00 I had intended to bring it home and "rust" it up a bit, but when I put it on this table, it totally looks great with my smaller lantern, so risking life and limb was so worth it in the end!

Also new to my house is the Mother's Day gift my daughter had gotten for me that was on back order. I finally got it last week and it is another something that will be out in my house through every season. For now, I poured some rice into the tubes and added some flags. I added it to the sofa couch vignette and I love it. Keep an eye out because I am looking forward to finding many more ways to use this.

And lastly-enter a large SIGH here- I have loved the above vignette ever since it first appeared in BH&G Magazine in 2010. It is what inspired me to start my Poe vignette in my livingroom. And, ever since then, I have been on the hunt for an old, upright typewriter. I have actually found a few in antique stores in Micanopy and Mt. Dora, but the prices were ridiculous! Plus, I don't care if it works or not. I just want it to make all of my "ravenly" visions come true.

Imagine my sheer delight when a text came in with a picture of this beauty! My oldest daughter and 2 of my grand daughters were in a little, eclectic shop in St. Pete and there it was. The funny thing is that my daughter and I were going to go to this shop while I was down visiting, but it was supposed to be closed on Mondays. She ended up taking the girls to the movies after we left and got re-routed on their way home due to road construction. The new route took her right past the store and she noticed that they were open, so they stopped and went in. She was buying some new wall sconces when she spied this little beauty and the rest is history. And, the best part is that it is a gift from her to thank us for taking care of our grand dog while they are out of the country again. We love that dog and take care of her any chance we get, but I'm not about to look a "gift typewriter in the mouth".

I CAN NOT wait to decorate with it! I have already pulled out all of my ideas I have been filing away. Do you think my family and friends and neighbors would think it odd if a bright orange glow started emanating from my house the week after the 4th of July? I am so wishing my life away. I will try to take a breath and take it one day at a time but it will be hard. We will see how long I last. Stay tuned.

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