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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coming Together

The sunroom is starting to come together but, oh, do I know myself so well!!?? I headed off to buy some accessories for the new room and as I started to see what I would be spending, I reined myself in because I know I will not be leaving this color scheme up after Sept. 1 even though my youngest daughter tried to convince me that autumn colors could work with the new valance. I am an orange, gold, brown & red kind of autumn girl. I wish I wasn't! Life would be easier if I could just decorate once and live with it but I can not! Actually, on this very same trip to look for misty green and taupe accessories, I ended up buying 3 new things for autumn,,,,and have bought even more since-more to come on another post about that.

This is the start of the table vignette. The whole idea for the room actually started with the tin pitcher my daughter gave me for my birthday. I love the color and feel-very calming and cooling. Just what this room needed for summer!

The 2 seafoam pillows are actually all I ended up buying. Because I felt they needed to be grounded a bit, I brought the flax colored ones from the livingroom and I am content.

I filled the pitcher with my never ending supply of hydrangeas. I tried to find the "greenest" of the blues. So much punch for free and I can just let them dry in this spot and they will last as long as I need them. The pitcher is sitting on a plate in this picture. I inherited a set of plates from my daughter as she was packing up her home and realized that the colors could work in here-and another freebie-what could be better?

Here are the 3 plates whose colors work hanging on a post. I'm not a huge fan of all of the visuals, but I needed that pop of coral from the postcard pillow. I'm also not a huge fan of how low they are hung and the distance between them, but I am using existing nails instead of hammering in new-once again, it is temporary in my mind.

I like the feel of the room when I step into it. It is calm and inviting but I still find myself wishing my life away. There will be a huge smile on my face the day that first leaf, pumpkin or acorn can find its way into my decorating!!!! Stay tuned.

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