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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

As I Promised!

O.K. I finally got around to putting out my 4th of July decorations the last few days. I have had to do it in dribs and drabs so bear with me if you feel as if you have seen this before. Some of it you have. Sometimes I put things back where they were last year because I simply don't have time to think of new vignettes and other times I do it simply because I really love the way it looks and can't come up with something better.

That being said, I am already beginning to tweak what is up. I am also planning a few trips-one to "The Shoppe" in Micanopy where I will undoubtedly find a new treasure or two-so even more tweaking is to come. I did hit a few of my old stand-bys yesterday (HL, Michaels, Target and JoAnns) and either everything unique is already gone or there wasn't anything unique this year.

I also have plans to peruse my 4th of July Pinterest board and see if I have pinned any craft ideas that I just have to make-we shall see.

I did a slight change up on my front door. This is where my Southern Living metal basket usually hangs. I still love that basket but thought a change might be in order and since I have seen these woven flower baskets all over the blogs, I decided to try one. Wasn't really rocket science-I just took the group of flowers that usually go in one and popped it in the other. I like it for a change. The willow is a bit more "summery" than the gold toned metal of the other container. I found 2 rusty old stars that I am going to dangle from twine and tie on basket-just haven't found the time in which to do it.

As you enter my front door, you are greeted with this chest and mirror. I still don't like this and am really questioning the day I decide to "tawanda" my old hall tree-but that is another story. I will do something to this area some day-hopefully soon. But, for now, it holds my vintage postcards which I love.

A few stars from the Target dollar section a few years ago and the little flag banner that I made by just downloading an image of an American flag, printing and matting the images and clothes pinning them on to a piece of twine.

The blanket chest holds the cover of an old Good Housekeeping magazine that I framed years ago along with my dowel fire crackers, post card hanger and another Dollar Spot find.

I show you this picture only to show you the flag, postcard and fire cracker banner. I made the fire crackers out of dowels. I think I used a download of the flag that someone had posted for an entirely different use but it was so long ago, I forget. I then went over the pattern with red and blue glitter and drilled a hole in the top for sparkly pipe cleaner flames. The flags and postcards were simple downloads cut out and mounted on pieces of wood. I strung it all together with blue and silver glitter wire. The bird cages on top of the hutch were an after thought and I obviously need to address the rest of that vignette. Always wonder about the "rule of three" (three -or any odd number-items are more pleasing to the eye than an even number). I think we could use this vignette as the poster child of that saying. It needs HELP!!! I will address it as soon as I am done with this post.

The couch table holds the flag I made and framed and my old time favorite flag made by my daughter. It is just a piece of kraft paper painted and if I remember correctly, stained and possibly sealed. It must be the stain/seal that makes it so durable because it has been around for years and still looks like new. Wouldn't this idea be cute for vintage looking jack-o-lanterns at Halloween?

Simply pull a flag off of its stick, tea stain and write the words to the Pledge of Allegiance.

Sorry about the lighting in this picture. I was doing this on a cloudy day and no matter where I was standing, I was getting a flash back from some reflective surafce-must be the hundreds of mirrors and cloches I have in my house-just sayin'. I used a simple vintage post card download that I made in 8X10 and stood with a flower frog and a small Uncle Sam box on a candleholder.

You have seen my Liberty banner before but I just had to post it one more time. I had seen what I thought looked just like this banner on the Bethany Lowe website but couldn't find it carried anywhere locally. I am a bit of a pain when it comes to ordering online because I want to see what I am buying and I dislike paying shipping and handling not to mention the hassle if it has to be returned. Soooo, I set out to make my facsimile. It was a bear to make as I remember. I think I downloaded the words to the Gettysburg Address to use as the background paper. Then I used my Cricut and cut the letters from chip board and glittered them. I backed the diamonds with red so they would look better reflected in the mirror. I then cut out the stars, glittered them and hung them with wire and glass beads. Strung it all together and it was LOVE. But, the story doesn't end there. Last year I was at "The Shoppe" (which carries a lot of Bethany Lowe) and they had finally gotten in this banner. Imagine my shock when I saw it hanging on a white feather tree. It is TINY!!!! I guess I failed to read the measurements. It would have DEFINITELY gotten returned if I had ordered it on line. I like mine so much better. Just hope Bethany Lowe doesn't read this blog. Wouldn't want to hurt her feelings but then, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?
This living room vignette stays pretty much the same every year because I like it the way it is. I think I swapped out the plate that usually stands here for a larger one this year. And, if I find a new Uncle Sam or Lady Liberty to add to my collection, I will move things around a bit. Until then, hands off! Guess that only means you because when I saw this picture, I thought the plate needed a bit more height so I placed it on one of my many antique foot stools and it is now more proportionate. Guess even greatness can be tweaked-ha-ha.

We will move on to the next room in the next post. I did make a "find" to share with you. Just goes to show you should clean out your cupboards at least once every 16 years. Story to come. Stay tuned.

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  1. Looks good. Wish you could bring it all down to my house. My house is literally one giant piece of sawdust right now!! I think the flag I made would make cute pumpkins too. Might be good for Scouts to make. Help me remember that!