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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Look Who Came To Live With Us!

This cute little guy showed up on my doorstep the other night just looking for a good home! You see, my daughter has begun the daunting task of clearing and cleaning out before the big move to the new house. She is committed to not moving anything that she just doesn't use or love. That is where I enter the picture. I never could say no to a homeless stray (and this is literally true from days gone by-hence the incredibly long list of animals that called the Ravns house "home"-but I digress) so when Jen decided she no longer needed this little guy to complete her life, she knew just which direction in which to point him.

I just might be the only person alive (with the possible exception of my oldest daughter) who is already getting goosebumps and hyper-ventilating over the thought of the upcoming autumn and Halloween seasons....and it isn't even officially summer! As you know, I DISLIKE summer (except for any chance of family holiday get-togethers) and pining for autumn and its colors and scents helps make the time go a bit faster.

I can't help but think of the rich tones of autumn or better yet, orange and black! Imagine my delight as I turned an aisle in HL the other day and was accosted with the sweet scent of cinnamon and the most beautiful rows of red, orange, gold and brown. Yes, Autumn is coming to the craft stores and I, for one, couldn't be happier!

And so, I spent yesterday enjoying the sight of my new treasure. I knew he needed a touch of glue to re-secure him to his base and then I noticed that his hat looked a bit shabby. I pulled out all of my Halloween craft supplies and spent way too long in search of just the perfect 2 square inches of paper to give him a new hat. It had to be vintage. It had to be mostly orange. It had to be perfect. Did I have way too much time on my hands yesterday? I guess so but I was able to be transported away from the sweltering heat and cloudy skies of summer for a bit and that, my friends, is a good day!

Won't be long before my new little friend will be joining other new friends as my yearly quest for Halloween unique begins-ready for this year's challenge Kris? Let the games begin!! Stay tuned.


  1. Too funny. I just told Liv yesterday that I can't wait for Fall. She informed me she loves the 4th because she likes having everyone at our house. Guess you all are invited for another year then!

    1. Oh, were we supposed to wait to be invited??!!