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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wrapping Up Bits & Pieces

Last of the 4th of July decor-the guest bath. Didn't really go over board here because I didn't think anyone but hubby and I would be here to see it....boy was I wrong on that-more to follow on that issue.

In any case, some red, white and blue towels, flag or two, an extra Uncle Sam and some of my very old handmade soap-so old in fact that when I look at this picture I see that the colors have pretty much blended all together. I enjoy making soap. Might have to be on the to-do list for next year!

Here are a few more shots of how I used my new gift. I really love this piece. Can't wait to see where it ends up next and what fills the 5 vases. Leaning towards Gerbera daisies-they say summer to me and mine are blooming really well right now-but, we shall see.

And now, about no one being at my house to see my 4th decorations...we always celebrate the holiday at our oldest daughter's house in Gulfport. Her house sits on the water and the fireworks go off right in front of us without us even having to leave the pool, so it is a no brainer! And, this is usually the time of year everyone is busy with camps, vacations, etc. so my house doesn't see a lot of company in early July.

For some reason, this year has been very different and we have had a steady stream of company. My grand daughters have pretty much been together at one place or another since the dance recital. It does my heart heart good to see how much they love to be together and how well they get along. My house has kind of been the trading spot and their moms have come along and joined in the fun too. We love it and since none of it was really planned, all the better! No stress fun!

And, since daughter #3's house is getting close to the finish line on the total gut, I mean update renovation, we have all made lots of visits over there as well to see how it is all finally coming together. And it is coming together beautifully. It will be gorgeous and just what they have wanted-well worth the wait I am sure!

The last visit saw all of the daughters and 6 of the grand kids (Hannah is 16 and has a summer job) at my house for trade offs once again and just lots of fun visiting and bonding. Grand daughter # 2 had just auditioned for the elite dance group at her new school-heading into St. Pete H.S.- right before they hopped in the car and came here. She was supposed to hear results by 8P.M. that night. We all headed out for dinner and e-mails were checked constantly but, no news. Still NO NEWS at 9:15, so we pretty much figured she had not made it and only the girls who had were receiving the news-and that would only be 2 girls. Let's just say that after much sadness and words of comfort and advice on what to do to try out again next year, it was discovered that her CONGRATULATORY e-mail actually went out at 6 P.M. and for some reason, didn't get through! Ain't technology great? Let's just say it was probably just as well that it came when we were all back at my house as the decibel level went to new extremes! Don't know who was the happiest! It is hard to watch someone you love so much hurt for any reason. Those of us who have "been there" know that in the scheme of things, this is just one small bump. But, for someone just starting to find her niche in life, this was monumental!

Anyhow, the next day we picked up a small congratulatory cookie cake and she, her sister and her cousin enjoyed the celebration. And now, these 3 and their 2 boy cousins are all together in St. Pete while the littlest munchkin is up in Gainesville with Hannah, Aunt Becky and Uncle Todd...and Nana and Papa are catching up on their sleep after those late nights! Ha-ha! And, in just a few days, the WHOLE gang will be converging in St.Pete. Can't wait!

And so for now, congratulations once again to the newest member of the St. Pete H.S. Devilettes! You will soon find out what a great choice you made as this is one AMAZING KID!!!!

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  1. I missed this post. Must have been too busy taking care of the little boys! Just had to finish filling out the paperwork and write the first check for the Devilettes!! Don't forget, I have you down for 10 car wash coupons - ha, ha!!