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Saturday, June 23, 2012

On the road again!

The spring is always a really busy time for us, but somehow this year it carried over into the summer as well. I have been on the go a lot and thought I would share a few pictures. The first ones were taken at Harrison's last awards ceremony. He got many acknowledgements again and I am very proud of him. This was a totally new school for him in a totally new town where he knew no one. Although, we always say, Harrison has never met a stranger. He is a super happy, friendly kid but a new school with new ways can be a bit intimidating to anyone and he just had a really successful year and we couldn't be happier for him. He has made many new friends and just loves life!

Sorry these two photos are so blurry but they were sent to me via my daughter's phone.

The ribbon around his neck was given to him with his first medal and then each accomplishment is awarded a new pin that you add on year after year. By the time this kid hits 5th grade, he won't be able to lift his head!

The next week, the 3 kids were up with my brother and sister-in-law. Since my brother still heads up the Alachua Co. Summer Track Camp, Harrison goes off with him every day. On Friday, they finish up the week with a track meet so Jennie and I went up.

My oldest grand daughter was there as she serves as a counselor. She loves working with all of the kids and they love her!

The boys love to be with their Uncle Joel. Think on many levels he thinks much like they do-after all, he has taught 5th grade for so many years, he knows how their minds work and they can have so much fun with him. My girls always loved their time with Uncle Joel and Aunt Cyndi as well. After all, who else would let you bring ducks into the house, or make afternoon candy runs to the Jiffy store, or dress up in your best clothes and heels, and...well, you get the picture.

Harrison actually won a first place ribbon this year for the shot put. This kid is strong!

Getting ready for the next race. Definitely need to be patient as half of these kids lined up facing the wrong direction. But once they got going, they ran their little hearts out. Siblings were in this race too and it was cute.

Hud had fun as well and at this age, ribbon colors are of no importance!

Morgan spent the week with Uncle Joel and Aunt Cyndi also and I think these two got a blue ribbon just for looking cute!

And then we were off to this view. I am trying to remind myself of the picture perfect weather that we had. Literally in the low 70s with a beautiful breeze and hardly any humidity. And all of this in Florida in June. Of course, I am now looking out the window at some of the havoc Tropical Storm Debby has wreaked, so I'm trying hard to remember that beautiful weekend. We truly wanted to spend the night out on the porch or in the hammock.

We went down for the girls' yearly dance recital and we are always amazed at how professional the dances are. This year, since the recital was on Father's Day weekend, middle daughter and her family came along as well and we took the opportunity to do lots of celebrating with 2 birthdays that week as well. Must say, it was difficult getting ourselves up and out of there on Monday!

Since then, I've made several trips back and forth to Gainesville and had grand children visitors on several occasions. I do love the laid back rhythm of summer. No need to make concrete plans far in advance. We've more or less been flying by the seat of our pants and it is fun. Not to mention that we got to fit in one more Michigan marathon-and, for once, I won. Too bad we weren't playing for the big bucks!

If Debby ever decides to start moving, my oldest daughter is coming up for a few days and then we will all be down at her house for the 4th. And so it goes. And, if I am lucky, it will be September before I know it. Stay tuned.

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  1. Finally dance photos!! Thank you since I never took one! Could I please get a couple copies?? Looks like you all are super busy and having fun!