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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The "Hunt" Begins!

Halloween items are beginning to creep into the stores even though it is just July 1 and I couldn't be happier. Of course, the majority of them are simply craft supplies for the people who need to begin crafting for autumn shows or simply to get a heads up on gifts for the holiday-which reminds me. That is exactly what I did last year and it was kind of nice to have that behind me as the requests for homemade costumes began to come in! But, that means I need to get over to my Halloween board at Pinterest and see what might inspire me this year! But, once again, I digress.

Of course, there is nothing to stop one from shopping online. Not my favorite thing to do. Think I've mentioned before that I like to see and touch what I'm buying. But, desperate times call for desperate measures! My oldest daughter may even love Halloween more than I. And, she is a bit of a shopaholic-buys what she wants when she sees it...and then some-, so buying gifts for her is difficult. She has recently subscribed to the theory that she wasn't buying any more gifts just because "the day" was here. She would buy things that "looked like the person" when she found them or wait until she did. Since her last birthday fell in the midst of a particularly busy time, I decided to try and see if I could subscribe to this theory as well. It was hard just giving her a card as we were with her but I stuck to my guns and when I saw 2 things she had pinned that she was hoping to buy this year for Halloween, I took my cue and headed out to try to find them.

Even when I checked the local stores that leave some Halloween out all year, I could not find them, so online I headed. And thanks to the fact that she had already pinned her wish list, finding these items was a no brainer.

The first thing I ordered was this stack of witch's books. I own this and she has always liked mine. So, into my virtual cart it went.

Then, as I was perusing the Trendy Tree site (where I found these things and may I say what a pleasure it was to do business with them! I am not getting compensated to say this but they are totally user friendly and I have NEVER had an order arrive so quickly!!!), I came upon this other item. Both she and I do "witch" vignettes in our decorating so they were a must. 2 into my virtual cart-one for her and one for me!

She loved her presents-really couldn't have found anything better and I am even more anxious-if that is possible-for Halloween decor now that I have both a vintage typewriter and a spell book to add to my stash! Stay tuned. I am sure there will be more soon!

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