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Friday, July 13, 2012


This is what I need. A breath of fresh (cooler) air. A hope of what is to come. A motivator. A good kick in the pants to get me moving! Summer makes me lazy. I figure that is okay for awhile but then eventually I HAVE to get up and get moving.

So, with that in mind, I headed out today and bought all new lever style door knobs-are they still called that if they're levers? I think not but you know what I mean. Have been planning on doing this forever! Got a great deal. I'll tell you all about it in that post. Then, I also got a double can pull out garbage and recycling holder. Hope it fits. I'll let you know in that post. Also bought a gallon of my favorite finishing paint. Going to repaint all of my moldings, baseboards and possibly crowns. Not as much fun but definitely as needed. And finally, I bought most of what I need to make the "Dead and Breakfast" sign I have been lusting after ever since I first saw it in BH&G Halloween magazine a few years back.

So, I will be busy. Can't wait to have something I can "sink my teeth into" although I will admit that the current tooth sinking projects aren't what they used to be-but then, neither am I. I will take what I can get.

Been on the road again as well. Had a wonderful time in Gainesville this week visiting my mom with Becky and my brother, sharing a wonderful visit during a wonderful lunch and ending the evening at my brother and sister-in-law's house where my 4 oldest grand daughters had been spending the week. They had so much fun and ended their visit by planning a garden party mystery dinner. I had fully intended to take lots of pictures but then I got there and started visiting and never thought about picking up the camera again until I had to to leave. They had everything decorated so pretty with beautiful linens and lots of fresh flowers from the garden. They used an app on one of their i-pads to film the trailer and movie of the "kidnapping". The story and all of the clues revolved around the garden or gardeners. They all were in costumes and characters kind of reminiscent of Clue. It was adorable and I could tell they had lots of fun doing it from the comments they were making and how hard they all had to try not to laugh while they were delivering their lines. It turned into a late night but worth every minute of lost sleep.

So that is where I am right now. Can't wait for tomorrow and the possibilities. I will keep my inspiration in mind and before I know it, the cooler days will be here. Stay tuned.

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