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Monday, July 9, 2012

Summertime....and the living is easy!

I love it and I hate it. I don't have any large projects ready to go and it is so lazy around here that I can't get myself out of the house to buy supplies. Let me clarify that last remark...there are plenty of large projects that could be done (take down the 4th, clean out closets, organize just about anything, etc., etc.) but they are not large projects I am interested in right now! That means I kind of roam the house and yard looking for any small something to do. It got so bad this morning that I ended up sitting outside and looking at the crape myrtles. I really cut mine back this year so they are just now blooming. We have a master gardener here in town who blasts everyone every year when we cut back our bushes. He says they are trees and should be left to grow as such. I really have no problem with that except that mine get so tall and the blooms are so high that I don't get full enjoyment out of them. So, every few years, I go against his advice and chop away. And I am so glad that I do because they are putting on quite a show this year!

Here is my little shadow. This dog loves people so much. She will follow one of us no matter where it leads. I love having her here. She is so smart that sometimes when she "talks" to us, we know exactly what she means...kind of scary, huh?

I made some lists of things I need for my next project or two, so I am hoping I will be out and about tomorrow to pick everything up. Until then, when I just couldn't stare at another crape myrtle a minute longer, I decided to make some brownies for my hair dresser who just had his gall bladder removed and my youngest daughter to help fortify her through these last few weeks-we hope-of home renovation and moving. And whenever I need brownies.....

...this is where I head. Do you recognize that lady on the recipe? How can anything by Paula Deen not be good? This recipe is called "Southern Pecan Brownies" and can be found all over the blogs.

I am not a huge fan of chocolate. If it comes down to appetizer or dessert, I'm all over the savory every time. But, a few years ago, I was heading off for a weekend reunion with friends from high school. I wanted to take along some munchies for the long gab sessions I knew we would have and I also knew that most people love brownies. I came upon this recipe and I must say, I think these are the best brownies I have ever tasted and if they are anywhere near me, I will make sure to save room for at least one. I will be packaging them up pretty soon but I tell you, they are fair game until then!

Taking Jennie out to dinner tonight and then off to see how the house is coming along. Hopefully the next time we talk, I will have much to tell you. I can only stand this lazy, hazy summer stuff so long! Stay tuned.

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