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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One Thing Leads to Another....

That should really be my theme song. I have told you that I am not happy if I don't have a project. I don't mind doing small, mundane things if I can work them into breaks of a bigger project. Then I can accomplish super woman feats. It is when I don't have a project that I become paralyzed. Can't seem to tackle anything.

Today is such a day. I am waiting for a phone call that will then take me out of town, so no big projects could begin. But, I am at odds at how to spend my time. And so, I picked up the PB catalog that arrived yesterday. They are now featuring their late summer colors-all yummy gem tones and once again, I could move into the pages!

I start walking my house looking for small changes I can make. My youngest daughter is beginning to rub off on me. She doesn't like clutter-ever. I will never be able to go that far as I have 7 grand children and their school pictures, handmade gifts and art work HAS to be visible in my house, but I am starting to see her point. And so, I pick up my 2 metal/crystal side tables I bought at Bombay Co. years ago and start to head to the patio with them. Then I stop as they will definitely get weather beaten out there and I am not sure I am ready to break from them "cold turkey". Then I see the 2 mismatched side tables in the family room and quickly swap them for those. Now I still have 2 extra tables, but I am not as emotionally tied to these two.

If you look REAL closely through the twigs and such, you can kind of see how the 2 tables used to look.

This is how the living room looks now....and, YES, the 4th of July decorations are still up and, NO, that should not have been my project today....doesn't it look larger and cleaner somehow with the removal of those 2 tables?

Here they are in their new home in the family room. The coffee table in this room as well as many other decorative pieces is metal and there are even a few crystals around so these fit in perfectly.

One of the tables I took from the family room can definitely head outdoors to the new patio. The other soon finds its way into the dining room and nestles up next to the love seat at the end of that room. And, for now, the little pedestal table that used to be there can sit next to the leather chair in the sunroom.

Also noticed as I posted this picture that the "popcorn" dust from the lovely popcorn removal that I did a few years ago is STILL in the grooves between the wood planks. I am not a fanatic on floor cleaning but I know how many times that floor has been cleaned since then and that stuff is impossible to get rid of. Speaking of BIGGGGG projects, I have a few more rooms of that stuff to remove but I really have to psyche myself into beginning that!

And so, I think I like the changes. Just makes the living room a bit more open. Probably won't last long but it kept me busy for awhile. Now if that phone would just ring before I get into any more trouble. Stay tuned.

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