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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Decisions, Decisions...

So we made it through Memorial Day and the gods must have been with us as everyone got to travel in fair weather and the skies were clear for all of the swimming and grilling we wanted to do. Have to say that I am beginning to like these impromptu things more and more. Everyone just pitches in and no real angst on anyone's part. Special thanks to our grillmaster (son-in-law Todd) of the day-not easy to feed a house full of vegetarians, pescatarians, meat eaters and just plain "picky-atarians" but he pulled it off and my fish with sun dried tomatoes was delicious!

About the time that everyone was safely home in their own beds, Beryl came through. We were lucky. All that we got was some good soaking rain which was greatly needed in our area. Everything looks so nice and green again.

When the holiday was over, I was ready to tackle a project or two when I remembered that yesterday was the undergraduate award ceremony at my grand daughter's high school. Since the award she was receiving was a secret from her, we didn't talk much about it and I am glad my "getting older" brain remembered.

Hubby and I headed to Gainesville to visit with my mom during lunch and then on to the ceremony. Hannah ended up receiving an award for straight As in the IB program, top AP award for English Composition and then the top female IB student award presented by Smith College and chosen by the faculty for not just her academics but her participation in athletics, student government and leadership and volunteerism. It truly was quite an honor.

When we left there, we were famished so we headed off to try out a new restaurant and by the time we arrived home, another day was gone.

So today, I awoke to the thought of doing great things! And then I got caught between this.....

and this........

What to do? Make new valances for the sunroom or start putting up the 4th of July decorations? Of course I had a list of small "to-dos" as well so that is where I started and the above pictures are just where I am at the moment! Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Stay tuned!

Here are the pictures of the anniversary gifts that were made for Becky and Todd. The picture above is of the coasters that Hannah made using pictures of her parents from the past and color collages to match their house. She was going to make them out of leftover kitchen tiles and decoupage on the pictures and glue cork on the bottom. But, when we walked into JoAnns and Aunt Jennie found the already made coasters on a discount shelf, we knew we had a winner. Hannah decoupaged on the pictures, distressed the edges, inked them a bit and then gave them a good number of coats of clear sealer. I think they turned out great and would love it if someone were to make us a set-hint, hint!

These were Morgan's gifts to her folks. She found the frame all by herself and I helped her find the pictures. The poem was written from her heart and turned into the plaque. She asked that no one read the poem as she was working on it until her mom and dad could read it and so we abided by her wishes. Knew it would be a tear jerker as Becky's eyes brimmed over-and it was! This family has had a rough year but they are on the other side of it now and all is looking up. Have to believe that the intense amount of love they share has helped them all get through the rough spots.

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  1. Hannah looks shocked but what an accomplishment! So proud of her!!