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Sunday, May 20, 2012

You're HOW Old?

So this is how we spent Saturday afternoon. This place is truly remarkable-or maybe I just haven't been in a new bowling alley in awhile. We have done lots of bowling parties in scouts or for birthdays and quite honestly, most places are dark and dingy. This bowling alley is the newest addition to a "fun" complex that has been around for awhile. They just keep adding on. They have roller skating, rock climbing, a go-cart track, arcades and now bowling.

They have a separate area for parties so you don't get stuck in the middle of league bowling with a bunch of kids. There is comfortable seating, beautiful new lanes, tvs, music, lots of neon, flashing lights and FOOD! All of the things you need to keep fidgety kids busy even when it isn't their turn to bowl. You can also tell the machine who needs bumpers and they will miraculously pop up when it is that person's turn. Even the youngest among us had a great turn-and even bowled a strike albeit the slowest ball ever. Imagine our surprise when all 10 pins fell over! Let's just say she could give a few lessons to some of the adults among us-ha-ha!

The occasion was a surprise party for Morgan Paige who turned 13 this week! Don't know where the time went but suffice it to say that she has turned into such a sweet young woman and we love her. This party was kind of hard to put together because May is the craziest of all months and everyone is super busy. Morgan was even out of town on her own birthday as her school was on an end of the year trip to Universal. This made her extremely happy as she has been chomping at the bit to get to the Harry Potter area at this theme park and she was so excited! Couldn't have made for a better birthday!

Anyhow, this is a great place to throw a party. Young and old had a wonderful time and we pulled off a surprise-at least that was her story and she's sticking to it.

Here everyone is getting the score screens ready-don't need score keepers any more. I was hoping you could see the colored lighting running up and down the alleys in this picture but I missed that shot. It was really pretty to look at and didn't seem to distract anyone bowling at all.

After the bowling, dinner, cake and presents were over, the kids were given tokens and off they went to the arcade. Not sure where they had the most fun-non-kids included!

Yes, I used this idea again, but Morgan hadn't seen it so it worked.

The highlight of the day was when Morgan received one more gift from Mom, Dad and Hannah. They had given her what she thought were all of her presents the day before on her real birthday. She had desperately wanted a new parakeet. She was a bit disappointed when she didn't get one but since they already have 2 dogs and a cat, she kind of understood.

She was beside herself when she got all of the trappings with the promise of going to pick out the newest family member when the party was over.

One more day put to rest in our memories forever. The years are going much too quickly and our grand children are growing up before our eyes. It is beautiful to watch them turn into wonderful young adults. I love talking with them and hearing their opinions on life. Sometimes I agree, sometimes not but that is O.K. Still, my heart and thoughts can't help but occasionally go back to when they were little and all of the fun we had then. Thank goodness we still have "little miss sassy pants" and her 2 brothers to keep us on our toes.

Going to catch up on a few things and then give myself the rest of the day before we start a new week that looks to be pretty full if my calendar is accurate. More to share soon. Stay tuned.

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