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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


By now, my plans had been to photograph and blog about the rest of my spring decorations, garden and refinished pool deck. But, once again, real life got in the way....and for so many good reasons! Don't really know how it happened, but I found myself with a completely full calendar the last two weeks-and I enjoyed every minute of it!

The above picture of my daughter, son-in-law and grandson, Harrison, was taken at Har's awards ceremony. Harrison won awards for a straight E report card and Accelerated Reader high points but we were most proud of his citizenship award which was a surprise to all of us. He got an award for his co-operation and sportsmanship and the words his teacher shared about why he received this recognition were heart rending. The part that truly sticks in my mind were about the kind words he always has for everyone no matter how successful (or not) they are at what they are trying. We have always known how empathetic a kid he was but with his "enthusiastic" approach to life, it is nice to know that other people see his softer side as well!

When Jen and I left the ceremony, we hit the road to a few antique and consignment shops. Jen was looking for a large dresser that she could use as a vanity in her kids' bathroom at their new house. I was supposed to just be along for the ride, but somehow that never works for me. Proof is in the picture below. More to come on that soon.

Here we are at Harrison's school's annual spaghetti dinner. We got there early for Harrison's class music performance and the art show. Then we loaded up our dinners and took them back to Jen's where there was table room and seats available. Let's just say this dinner is a HUGE fund raiser for this school and the place was packed!

This past Saturday found us down in Tavares where Hannah's volleyball team was playing in a tournament.

Here Hannah is serving. We no longer have to hold our breath as her serves are awesome now. Her position is libero so she wears a different colored shirt from the rest of the team. Her job is mostly defensive and she has gotten very good at it!

The girls played hard and ended up winning the whole tournament! They really aren't used to being in first place, so everyone was VERY excited!

I finished the day back in Ocala at a 5K walk/run fund raiser for the son of one of my daughter's good friends from H.S. Kyle suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm about 18 months ago. They have had a very difficult road since then, but with lots of love, hope , prayers and very good doctors, Kyle has regained a bit of speech and mobility. It was heart warming to see how many people are still supporting this very brave, young family. It is also a reminder of how any of our lives can change in a moment's notice and how we truly do need to savor every moment-large or small!

On Friday, my husband thought a day out of town would be nice, so we hopped in the car and headed off. I got to go on a "spree" in Chicos-which I must admit was a wonderful surprise because I haven't actually been shopping in quite some time- have a wonderful lunch and wander around several pretty small towns.

Plus, we have squeezed in several long visits with my mom, had an overnight with our middle daughter and her family, registered my husband and got him started on a new cardiac workout schedule, had lunch with several long time friends and eaten out in every new restaurant Ocala has to offer.

Starting to think it is time I got back into routine for real but flying by the seat of my pants is so much more fun. Of course, the "to-do" list here at my house just keeps getting longer, so I guess the time is fast approaching! But, before I get started, I have to make an Egyptian queen costume for Liv, babysit my 2 youngest for an afternoon, enjoy another lunch with friends and spend the afternoon with my mom on Mother's Day. Oh well, everything else can just wait as I remember to savor life's special moments.

Be back soon I promise with more spring-of course by then, I will probably be ready to head on to 4th of July. And so it goes. Stay tuned and come along for the ride!!!

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  1. Sounds like you are super busy. Thanks again for doing Liv's costume. She is really excited about it. Should be a fun day at school.