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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Love/Hate Relationship

I love spring because there is so much going on in our family. But, I also hate spring because there is so much going on in our family. I love my seasons, holidays and celebrations. I like to plan and prepare for them all. Yet, somehow, when April and May arrive every year I find myself being pushed through the days and weeks like I used to feel when I got caught up in a wave at the beach when I was a little girl. I feel as if I really have no control. I know there is no sense trying to battle my way out. In the end I have learned to let go, not fight and just see where it deposits me.

I have really had so many good intentions but life has been hectic as usual in our family this time of year. So, I am posting a quick look at some of the rest of my spring decor so I can soon get on to all of the other happenings in our lives and get a bit more up to date. Let's just say that the things I am showing you today have been up long enough to collect a fair amount of dust-but that is another story!

The above photo of a table in my livingroom has a simple "nest" download and then a nest I put together from coconut fiber and twigs nestled into a pretty piece of wood rescued from the log pile. I am also still in love with the metal pitcher my daughter found for me.

The couch table this year-kind of plain and simple but I like it. The round slate is something I found in a garden shop in Savannah many years ago and has a simple quote about families and nests-fits right in with my theme.

The coffee table holds so many favorites; rust, lantern, cloche and hand carved candle holder.

I balanced one of my French pots on a short candle holder and nestled in another nest and bird.

I'm really liking the bluish green popping up a lot in this room this season. I am thinking of using that color for a quick re-do in the sunroom. Haven't really started to think just yet, but I may surprise you soon by finally starting a new project and getting it done instead of just thinking about it!

Here is my treasure from my antiquing trip with daughter #3. One of our stops was at a huge furniture consignment store. It brought back so many memories as this store is in the building of what was once our favorite independent department store here in town. They carried beautiful womens' clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, sleepwear and intimate apparel and cosmetics and fragrances. They also had a specialty baby area and gorgeous gift boutique. I could always find a gift for someone no matter how hard that person was to shop for. And, they did the most beautiful gift wrapping with the biggest bows you have ever seen. And, my girls all worked there at one point or another. But, I digress!

The consignment store hasn't really changed any of the old store lay out. It was so weird to walk into an old dressing room and see antiques still surrounded by the old mirrors. Even the beautiful tearoom upstairs is now full of stuff! And I do mean stuff! There is so much here that you really need to go through several times and you still may not catch it all. My daughter was looking for a piece she could use as a vanity so she had been in a few times earlier. When we entered a certain room she said there was something in there that she thought looked just like me. And when I turned my head and my eyes fell down, I knew just what she was talking about. Sitting right there on the floor surrounded by other "stuff". It was love at first sight!

Why old bottles and broken wood speak to me I will never know but this thing was "screaming"! It is an old water bottle and its holder. If weight is any indicator, I got my money's worth! And oh boy, cleaning it was sort of an "I Love Lucy" episode except I didn't have Ethel here to help. Since my husband was forbidden from lifting more than 5 lbs. after his surgery, I waited until he had left the house and lifted the bottle into my deep, double sink. I truly didn't think ahead as I FILLED the bottle with hot soap water. Then came the time to empty it. My sink is so deep, I couldn't tip it at all without lifting it entirely out and putting it on the counter. I can't even guess how much that thing weighed and it was wet and slippery. I kept trying to dry it but the point WAS to get the water out and it kept splashing down the sides. I had all sorts of visions of this thing getting away from me and an antique bottle that was who knows how old losing its life in my hands but in the end we both survived and I love it. This will not be its final resting place but it is where I put it after my hair raising experience and here it still sits!

I have had many more adventures recently and more to share but that will wait for another post. Stay tuned.

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  1. Funny, I can picture you trying to lift that, red curls all over the place!! Glad you didn't hurt yourself and even more glad you didn't break that awesome jug!!