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Sunday, May 27, 2012

ZZZZZZZZZZZ...Best Laid Plans

So I started this blog several days ago when all the plans I had for this holiday weekend was to have 2 of my grand daughters and their dogs here with us while their parents headed to the beach for an 18th (!!!) anniversary weekend. I was planning on just showing you a few shots of what is blooming in the garden currently and then show you my new deck color. Hence, the downloading of these pictures. Then, with the speed of a text message, my life became so much more fun.

The first request was whether I could get my oldest grand daughter out to a ziplining facility here in Ocala-who knew?! She had been invited to "zip" with a friend. No problem. I was even anxious to see this set-up. More about this later!

Then, could everyone come a day early? Again, no problem, I love having everyone here.

Then, since they were coming back on Memorial Day afternoon, could they plan a cook-out and invite the rest of the gang? Again, no problem. If I had known daughter #3 wasn't heading back to the beach again with her crew, I would have thought of that one myself.

Once Mom and Dad were safely on their way, anniversary plans began. Both girls had an idea of something to make and since we would need some additional food for Monday, we decided to head out and shop. But, before going, we stopped by #3's new house-still under major renovations- and she decided we were going to have too much fun without her, so she joined the group.

And we did have fun. We gathered up everything we needed-and a bit more that we just wanted- and headed back to my house. The girls started crafting and while I helped where I could, my daughter made us some delicious caprese crustini. We all sat and gabbed, munched and crafted the entire afternoon away. It was lovely! No preconceived ideas of what we were to do yet it all came together. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the girls while they were crafting but I will try to remember to take pictures of the finished products once mom and dad open them.

While Hannah is still off zipping, Morgs and I are preparing the house for an afternoon of company. Hannah, her friend and her friend's mom will be coming over soon. Thought they might enjoy a swim after their busy morning. Seems that they will do a 3 mile hike and then zipline down 9 different courses until they are back to the starting point. I didn't think this could be too daunting as I have lived in Central Florida for almost 47 years and I didn't recall seeing too many mountain ranges. And I was right...but there is an old stone quarry and most of it is pretty well dug out so it leaves TALL stones walls with a long way down-and there is even water running under many of them. I could see the last line from the starting point and even thought I might some day give it a try until I saw the very long and narrow-and might I add HIGH swaying foot bridge one must traverse to get to the start of the last line and get back. And, this is only the one I could see. Guess I will be thinking about that one for awhile!

Then, in a bit, everyone else will find their way to my house and we will have our cook-out. Although, after MONTHS of no rain, it looks as if tropical storm Beryl may bring us a few drops. It was supposed to hit yesterday, but nothing here at our house. It is just beginning to cloud up so who knows. In any case, we have lots of food so we will have fun. And, as long as there is no lightning, I'm O.K. with the kids swimming so they will be happy!

In any case, since these pictures are downloaded, enjoy. It is what is blooming now. And, you can get a peek at the new deck color-mocha- in a few of the pictures. I wanted to go a bit darker then we have had in the past and if the truth be told, next time this has to be done, I will go even darker still. But, I do like it better than what we had and it goes with everything we have around the pool.

Chomping at the bit to get 4th of July out, so stay tuned. That might be next.

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