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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Every Day's a Party

Does everyone have the same problem as I have? When a holiday falls on a Monday, it takes me half of the following week to remember what day it really is! In any case, I'm starting to get my ducks in a row for this week, so it is time to think back on our fabulous weekend - one of those that was so fun, that I truly forgot to take pictures. I do have a few.

All seven grand children were here on Friday evening. The spring months are SO hectic for all of us, that I decided to just let this weekend flow on its own and let the kids be the navigators of where it went. Things were pretty low key that night - the boys were totally occupied with 2 new Lego sets and the girls spent most of their time catching up with each other as to "end of the school year" stuff and playing with the boys - the baby was already asleep when the older gangs arrived. We finished the night with EVERY comforter in my house on the floor in the family room and everyone cozy as we watched a movie.

On Saturday, the Holland gang headed to Crystal River around lunch time and the girls wanted to swim. Then, we did a bit of crafting, baking, more swimming and out to dinner. Played some games when we returned.

And so the weekend went. We just enjoyed our time together and recouped and regrouped before heading off for the last few weeks of school - and finals! And award ceremonies, G.S. events, dance recitals, etc., etc., etc.

Caitlin took a cake decorating course last summer and really enjoyed it so when she is here for a weekend, she usually asks if she can bake. She wanted to do a patriotic theme and give it to her parents as an anniversary gift as well as a congratulations for surviving the triathlon! I truly handed the kitchen over to her and she made a from scratch butter cake and from scratch icing. Then, she came up with her design all on her own. I think we may have a budding "ace of cakes" in our family!

While Caitlin was baking, the other three were in the dining room crafting. I felt like I let them down because I have been so busy that I really came up with a lame idea, but they had fun doing it and by the time they were done, they had produced something pretty cute.

I have a hard time believing that they are all of an age now where I can just lay out the supplies and their imaginations go to town! And I just realized that not one shred of glitter was used - proof positive that I wasn't in charge!

Our end product - 2X4 block photo holders. My aim had been to then put in the group photo that we took this weekend...except, once we heard we would all be together for the "real" 4th, we decided we didn't even want to get dressed or made up for said photo. So until July, these will have to wait for a 2011 photo. I guess I could have done a simple image download until then, but we were just having too much fun to worry about such things!

And the saga continues! It is finally looking like it may be a working patio after all. And the funniest part is that it actually is coming out exactly as I envisioned but never got to voice as this contractor and I speak 2 different languages. He is one of those guys that think that only men know how to do building and maintenance kind of things and talks to me like I am an imbecile and only my husband would understand what he is trying to say. Of if he only knew!!! My husband could not care less!!! The house and yard are my domain and he pretty much lets me run the show and he pays for it. I know my way around a home improvement store or work shop pretty much as well as most men. I love it. It is what I enjoy doing, but we kind of got off on the wrong foot at the beginning because he is kind of SLOW and when I'm paying by the hour, slow is the last thing I want to see. Any way, we are back to being nice to each other and the end is in sight. IF he gets it done in the next few days, I will have the weekend to decorate. I will be moving the bubbler fountain and chiminea to new spot so that we can use the entire patio for seating, so I am anxious to get started. I suspect there may be some shopping involved, so I'll have to "tread lightly" and see where that ends up after this "inexpensive re-do" turned out to be anything but. Stay tuned!

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