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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cheap, Cheap...

No, this is not an Easter post. It's not that kind of cheep! I was looking to tweak once again, but not really wanting to buy much more 4th of July stuff. The internet is always a wealth of ideas with so many free downloads. I love the subway art below. I found it at "The Crafting Chicks". I did go buy the frame at HL - at 50% off - because I wanted it blue but I could have used one I had around here and then it really would have been cheap, cheap. In fact, it would have been free!

I saw this idea somewhere and just went to a free download site, found a flag I liked, printed and matted them and used left-over craft clothespins to clip onto twine.

Here is my Uncle Sam candy holder. I admit he is not one of my favorite decorations, but I own him so I might as well use him. He has been sitting with "empty arms" because everyone was sold out of 4th of July candy or not carrying any this year. Lucky me! I was walking into the Dollar Tree just as they were opening a new shipment of holiday Tootsie Rolls and I snagged a bag. Probably should have snagged several as he looks a little more empty each time I walk by....and there are NO kids here this week. Hmmmm!

This is another idea and download I found and once again I have lost the source. I am still looking and will let you know if I find it as it is such a simple craft but I love the way it fills in a little spot just calling out for something. I used a black shadow box frame from the Dollar Tree and it worked perfectly and still stayed in my cheap, cheap category.

I happened to be in Kohls the other day. I not only had a gift card and $5 off coupon, but this table runner was 50% off to start so it ended up being totally free to me. I thought it would be longer so I'm not thrilled with how it looks here but for the price and until I have time to look for a new home for it, here it shall remain!

My last little tweak wasn't cheap, but it did come from Cherry Nelson and I love her stuff...especially her 4th of July, Valentine's Day and Halloween. Her use of vintage embellishments always speaks to me. You can follow her blog at Cherries Jubilee. I will probably use this banner as a jumping off point to create some of my own but it will probably have to wait until next year as this month is flying by and "life" is getting in the way of crafting -ha-ha!

My youngest daughter and family have been in town looking for a house. They were so lucky to find just what they were looking for so they should be moved and settled in by the end of July. They will only be just a few minutes away so for the first time ever, I will be able to get my hands on grand children whenever I want! I am sure they will give me fodder for many interesting blogs to come! Stay tuned.

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