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Monday, June 6, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I love water features in my yard. I think the only reason we don't have a pond is because we have a pool and enough is enough! But, I would have a fountain every 6 feet in every nook or cranny of my yard if I could.

The above fountain is right outside the door to the pool. I love this fountain. I am thinking of moving it to the new patio area but then I will have an empty spot here and I don't think the bubbler fountain will look good here.

This fountain is on the path to the gazebo and also right by one of the pool sitting areas so the sound is wonderful and calming. The bucket is supposed to dump but I have tightened it so it is stationary. I like the constant dipping sound better than the dumping sound.

And now we come to my problem. I know its not the stuff restless nights should be made of, but it is the little stuff that can keep me awake. This is the bubbler that used to be in the middle of my "meditation" patio when I had constructed it. Remember, it was just some stones thrown on the ground, so electricity was easily accessible. Now, the patio is stone and concrete. It is also larger so I think we will be using it more for sitting and entertaining. Hence, I decided I didn't want to lose valuable real estate in the very middle. I decided to move the fountain to the garden area along the fence line. But then, I realized what a chore it would be to clean the filter and maintain the fountain in that small area. This thing is HEAVY. We could barely take care of it when we could approach it from all sides. I decided that I want to make my life easier rather than more difficult so I did a bit of re-thinking.

And this is my temporary solution. I simply took a ceramic pot that was lying around and flipped it over the pump. A bit of paint, a few bricks as risers and, voila! Am I crazy about it. Absolutely not. But, I can do everything it needs by myself and without injury I might add. I will be on the look out for a different bubbler pot but for now, I am O.K. with this.

Of course, that means that this beauty is now the world's most EXPENSIVE plant stand. I like the way it looks, but can't quite justify its use so I will continue to think and I bet before too long, I will find another nook or cranny that could use just such a thing! Stay tuned.

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