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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Excitement Is In The Air!

There is much excitement in the air here at our house! Our daughter and family have found a large house with everything they were looking for only a few minutes from our house! They will be moving here in the next few weeks and we are all getting very excited at the thought of having them so close.

This past week, the kids were visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Gainesville. Since my middle daughter and her family live there, they used the opportunity to get in lots of visits as well. The kids had a great time and Jennie and I went up to get them yesterday. They were having a Junior Champs track meet and we went to cheer everyone on! My brother has been in charge of this program for Alachua County for as many years as I can remember - in fact, my girls used to spend a week with them every summer and do the same track program. In any case, that will explain the following photos. The kids all had the greatest time and were oblivious of the colors of the ribbons they won - they were all just excited to win them. Hudson and Presley were too young to actually be in the program but they were able to run in a sibling's race so they too were thrilled with their ribbons!

My oldest granddaughter, Hannah, worked as a counselor at the camp all week. Here she is trying to encourage Presley to run up to that crazy group of people yelling for her at the other end of the track!

Here, Aunt "Key" and Harrison are showing Hudson how it is done!

Granddaughter #3, Morgan, spent the week with the kids helping out. I think she had as much fun as the little ones did!

You can't tell by this picture, but Presley's shoes are glittery. This child is only 22 months old, but she is "into" shoes. She notices all the womens' shoes and points or "comments". Today, there was a lady with a greyhound and while all of the other kids were enamored of the dog, Presley was busy pointing to her sparkly, fuchsia flip-flops - seriously! Might have a budding diva on our hands!

It truly was wonderful to have so many of our family so close! It just felt right! We were sharing simple things together that families that have always lived near each other take for granted. I am looking forward to so many more treasured times together without everyone having to drive somewhere! Now if we could only get daughter #1 and her family to move a bit closer.....Stay tuned!

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