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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh Say Can You See...

Apparently I must buy every U.S. flag I see on sale after the holiday because I have SO MANY! They actually have become easy decorating because flags in any kind of container just say "4th of July" to me. I guess that is why I am O.K. with the simplicity of this area.

This is also a new look for me. In the past I have had the apothecary jars here, but now that I have the white olive jar, I decided to give this look a try and I love it!

I know you have been wondering where my bargain black frame was hiding. Such a simple fix yet I really like using it every holiday that has a "numbered" day. This time I cut the 4 out of glittery paper and mounted on a simple holiday scrapbook paper. I'm not sure if it is the black frame or not, but it always seems to balance any area where I use it.

That pretty much gets you around the inside of the house. The sunroom has a few decorations, but once again they are mostly just for the kids.

I wanted you to see the "Uncle Sam" that I decided on for the end of the mantle. He is the match to the guy in my living room. He adds just the amount of height I wanted on that side of the mantle and now I am happy.... and life can go on. We had a fun weekend in our house - so much so that I forgot to take many pictures but I will share what I did take tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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