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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring in Napa?

I know this is supposed to be spring decorating-and we'll get back to that-but, my oldest daughter just returned from a trip to Napa Valley with several friends and she brought me this candle holder made out of a piece of an old wine barrel from one of the vineyards. I love it and decided to do a wine bar at the end of the kitchen instead of more bird nests. I also have a set of wine glasses and a wine bottle cheese board from the Ravenswood vineyard that my youngest daughter brought me from her trip to Napa - plus, I love wine, so decorating this area was a no-brainer! Doesn't necessarily say spring, but it's always "wine season" in this house!

Not sure the mantle is staying like this. The old sugar mold candle holder is BIG and usually somewhere else, but I wanted a change, so I'm trying it here. Added the large bell Jennie gave me and a few garden elements, but so far, it's not really speaking to me. Ideas anyone?

My son-in-law brought us a whole pile of seasoned wood this past winter. As we were unloading it, I spied several pieces that looked like this and grabbed them up. He gave me an odd look, but now knows me well enough not to even question what I was going to do. Honestly, they were kind of spooky looking to me and I thought I would do something to them for Halloween. They have been sitting in the garage and when I saw them, I thought bird on branch. That gives you a small insight at how my brain works...but, I digress! Any way, I had this bird and I put him on there with a few of the eggs I made last year. As I look at the picture, I think he could use to have a bit of color added to him. And, I may get to that. And I may not because as I have previously mentioned, in my world, 4th of July is right on the horizon. I will have all 7 grandchildren for part of Memorial Day weekend, so I know my decorations will definitely be up by then. Can you tell I show favoritism to certain holidays or seasons? They'll just have to get over it! Stay tuned.

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