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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Almost Happy!

So this is the mantle this year. I made a few changes and like it a lot, but there is still something missing. Do you see the white obelisk on the left hand corner? That is just holding a spot for my new, tall Uncle Sam that I will be buying as soon as I get into Micanopy. I can just see him standing there in all of his red, white and blue splendor! Perhaps an intervention is needed here!? How can I get so excited about an Uncle Sam statue? In any case, I can't wait! But, moving on....

I am not nearly as excited about this guy. Usually I can find some nice Uncle Sams at HL or Michaels. Not the same quality as from "The Shop" but they will do to fill in empty spaces and not totally break the budget. But this year, I am having trouble finding any of size. I found this guy at HL. He isn't my favorite but he stands about 12" tall and was 50% off, so how could I resist?

I changed the banner on the mirror above the mantle. I went with just the glittered stars this year. I like the way it mimics the star lights below the mirror. I'm a symmetrical kind of person, so this pleases my senses.

I also love the white pitcher just full of flags. I have used this pitcher in every bit of decorating I have done since I purchased it. A really good, multi purpose purchase for a change! In the past I have had my Southern Living candle hurricanes here with red candles. I love them, but they got kind of boring. I love the punch of the white pitcher and, dare I say, the simplicity of it. That's a pretty new word to me as I usually subscribe to "more is better"!

I love this metal sculpture. I got it at "The Shop" several years ago.

As usual, my decor uses lots of seasonal frames filled with lots of family photos.

There are a few more things to look at in this room but I am saving them for my craft post. That will be a long one as I love crafting for the 4th of July. I do have to admit that we've done so many things in the past, that I'm having trouble coming up with totally new ideas for this year. Surely somewhere out there there is an idea that I can blatantly steal - I mean borrow.

On a whole different topic, the "retaining walls" are finally up. Who knew you would need retaining walls on a patio that is practically on the ground??!! Maybe that's why it looked like a "soup bowl" after I was finished with it. In any case, have you ever heard the story of "The Tortoise and the Hare"? I am living it! My contractor is definitely the TORTOISE! I hope that means he is methodical and a bit of a perfection... not just SLOW as we are paying him BY THE HOUR!!! I guess it remains to be seen. Oh, did I mention that we are now putting mortar between the stones - not just sand. Seems as if "I wouldn't be happy with just sand and it would get tracked into the house, etc., etc." Oh yeah and "as long as we're spending X, we may as well spend a little more and do "it right"! And I thought I was a fairly smart person. Where has my mind slipped off to? I will say that I like the way it is going. The only problem will be if it turns out so nicely that everything we already have in this area no longer looks good and I have to start all over with my decorating. Yikes! I'm sure you are on the edge of your seats to see how this will play out. Stay tuned!

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