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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Look Fast!

It seems as if I am just showing you the last of the spring decorating and I am about ready to take it all down. I will be out of town the next two days and then have a doctor's appointment and some chores back here on Friday. I am thinking that as soon as all of that is done, I am going to start pulling out my 4th of July stuff. I know it is a bit too early (but it IS my house after all) but someone suggested I decorate for Memorial Day. Yeah, that's it-I'm decorating for Memorial Day.

I think I told you that the grandchildren would be here that weekend-all 7 of them for part of it- so I have begun searching the blogs and my files for some ideas for craft projects we can do. We are all usually together for the 4th in St. Pete but I think my youngest daughter and her family are heading to her in-laws for a big family party this year. I don't have to like it but I know I have to share so I am planning on cramming in all that I can on Memorial Day weekend. Red, white and we come!

That being is the niche in the dining room. I pretty much stuck as many garden elements here as I could. I leaned up an old iron gate piece and wrapped it with a silk vine-kind of hard to see in this picture. Then I added several old wooden corbels that I found in a little garden shop in Mt. Dora. I fell madly in love with them the minute I spied them but they are more of my purchases that elicit the "how much did they pay you to take them off their hands?" response from my husband. I guess I can just relate to things that have become old and weathered-wonder why?! I also have a finial, my trusty PB olive jar, a silk fern and my "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" statue. She is usually outdoors, but the critters have knocked her over so much lately that I'm getting a bit protective of her and thought she deserved to be indoors for at least a little while.

Pretty straight forward here-PB lanterns, another finial and fern. The new guy in the equation is the mercury glass bird feeder-an Easter gift from my oldest daughter. I absolutely love it and it will find its way outside where it rightly belongs but for now, I am just enjoying its beauty. Have I ever told you how much I love mercury glass?!

That's about it for spring. Don't get me wrong. I love spring. I really do. But, there are so many other things going on in the spring that my attentions are split. I would so much rather be outdoors where spring is really happening and Mother Nature is doing the decorating. Our spring weather has been breathtaking . Not sure why, but I am enjoying every minute of our gorgeous cool mornings and evenings and mid 70s kind of days. I know it won't last forever but I'm taking it all in while I can. See you soon.

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