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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm Seeing Red...

...and white and blue!!! The hutch in the end of the dining room is pretty much as it was last year. Some of the things on there were crafts from years past and I will focus on them in a later post.

I am only using this one apothecary jar this time. Don't know if maybe they have run their course with me or that I just like them better filled with pumpkins, fruit, ornaments, etc. Don't really have anything patriotic that I like to use as filler. This one is a poor attempt-just put in some gift bag shredded paper, a USA glitter sign that I found in the $ section of Target last year, a flag, some "fireworks" and one of the extra fire crackers I had left over from a banner I made. Can you tell it's not my favorite?

I will be back tomorrow with the family room and then I'll show you all of the crafts. Hopefully by then my grandchildren will have been here and I can show you what we're working on this year as well. I love making 4th of July crafts almost as much as I do Halloween or Valentines. Those seem to be the holidays that call for lots of glitter. Can you see a connection? I've almost finished vacuuming up the glitter from the Easter eggs, so it's definitely time to make a "new mess"! Stay tuned!!!

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