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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Officially Spring...Almost...

And yet, we are FINALLY getting our first taste of winter! This has been a crazy year weather wise. It has been unseasonably warm all winter and spring "sprang" weeks ago. So, just when Mother Nature had lulled us into thinking the worst had passed, she hits us with the lowest temperatures of the year! I will admit that here in Central Florida, the lowest temperatures aren't really all that bad but I did cover my new Blue Sky vine and all of my tomato plants that were doing so well. Fingers crossed that nothing else gets affected but, if you can't live in Florida (plants I mean), you really shouldn't be invited to the party!

In any case, cold weather or not, this is usually my least favorite time of the year! All of the leaves that didn't come down in the autumn-and around here, that is a TON-are falling and the pollen and "squiggles" are filling the pool, drives, gardens, etc. There is no need to get out the blower as more will be coming down as you do.

It doesn't take very long to go from this disaster: this (last year's spring garden with hopes for this year's hanging on tight!):

Boy, I see a lot heavy duty gardening in front of soon as "winter" is over that is. I truly love to garden so I really can't wait.

In the mean time, we are dog sitting this beauty-who really doesn't like the flash on my camera-or even just the sight of the camera apparently.

She is keeping us busy for now. Thinking of lighting a fire this afternoon and having a Downton Abbey marathon. Care to join us? Stay tuned.

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