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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Keeping It Real...

...or, the "Queen of Jerry Rigging"...or, "Where There's a Will"... I could have named this post soooo many things!

It is funny with me how things happen. One minute, there is absolutely NO thought of something and the next, it is ALL I can think of!  And so it was with my bedroom window valance. I was swapping our autumn/winter bedding for our spring/summer set when I realized that I just could NOT put the ugly, green valance up one more time! We added a bay window to our bedroom many, many years ago and I had a decorator from Penney's Window Dept. come out to measure for shades as I knew I would never get measurements right on my own-remember, I am the measure once, cut twice gal and I knew in this case, that could be an expensive mistake.

We have replaced the blinds at least one time since then but I just use the decorator's measurements and we are good. Unfortunately, I always wanted a valance over the shade tops-and one to match our bedding to boot. I tried to find a picture for you, but apparently I have always disliked that valance so much, that I never even took pictures of that side of the room.

In any case, even if I had liked it once, I venture to say I would be ready for a change about now. But, the old curtain rod that I had bent and jerry rigged so many years ago was on its last leg so I knew this was my chance to come up with something new. I had so many, many ideas-things I have done before on other windows in the house and loved-until I actually got up there to begin measuring and realized that the angles of the window and the fact that I would have to not only cover the fronts of the windows but the side edges as well made all of those choices unacceptable.

I got my sister in law in there with me and we brain stormed some ideas and then I pretty much spent all of the next night awake thinking about the possible scenarios. I really didn't want to have to miter the wood frame but, in the end, I had to. This was one of those projects-at least for me-where I just had to start and when something didn't work, rip it apart and start again

And that is what I did-over and over again. I really dislike that trait that I have where I just want to get something done to see if it will work...DUH, if it doesn't, you're in a pickle...and yet, that is how I roll.

I will say, there is a lot of industrial strength Velcro in use as well as more heavy duty staples and hot glue sticks than I can count. And, it really isn't exactly how I would have done it if I knew how to do it differently but, it is done and I am OK with it.

Now, to keep it real, I will show you what it took to get there-by day 2, I was no longer cleaning up as I went, bed wasn't made, staples and seam rippers and hot glue were everywhere. My house looked like this-and that isn't even the kitchen or craft room where things were also running amok!

We have had a busy, fun week but, perhaps the highlight was on Tuesday when my hubby, brother, sister-in-law and I headed out to Kimberden Farms with Jen and Presley to watch another riding lesson. I just blows my mind to see someone so small up on a big horse and getting up to canter speed already-all by herself! The farm is beautiful and I just love all of the horses. It is a lovely way to spend a peaceful, spring afternoon!

After the lesson, we went to one of our favorites, "The Horse and Hound" for dinner and then home to watch a Hallmark movie. At our ages, that is the perfect end to a perfect day. Stay tuned.

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