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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I Forgot...

When I checked back on my St. Pats blogs, I guess I got so wrapped up in the celebration of "me" that I never posted the rest of my decor. And so, I will start to move on through the rest of the house.

Kept it kind of simple in the dining room. I used lots of green and the occasional St. Pat's themed goodie.

The sun room is also simple.

I actually have a few more live shamrock pots now as we found plants growing behind our fence. All I had to do was dig them up, pot them, keep them nice and wet for awhile and they are beautiful now. When St. Pat's is over, I will literally toss them into a side garden and be able to dig them up and start again next year. That, to me, is so much easier than trying to keep all of those pots watered over the year. You really can't kill these plants as long as you keep them least here in Florida.

STILL haven't got plans made for this weekend but I am heading out to shop none-the-less. I have done this so many times before that I can pretty much know what I need. It will be fun. Stay tuned.

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