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Friday, March 10, 2017

Begosh and Begorrah

IT is almost least in our house. Our largest St. Pat's celebration always takes place the weekend before the "real" day-unless the "real" day falls on a Saturday. This is the day that we gather as many of our grand children as we can to come to our house for the weekend. As I have told you before, each year it gets harder and harder to get everyone together so we have fun with however many we can corral. This year it is just the three youngest as all of the others were just here for my birthday last weekend...and, even then, plans are still kind of up in the air while we wait to hear the final football schedules for tomorrow. It makes it kind of hard to plan when you really have no idea who will be where when, but the word this year is "flexibility"! I am planning SIMPLE things that hopefully we can accomplish in the time that we have. It will be fun and busy to say the least.

With that in mind, I thought I would finish up the house tour today. Off we go.

I am still so happy that I am finally using my baker's rack as it was sort of intended-to store things while keeping them attractive and at easy access. I use soooo many more of my holiday serving pieces when they are right in front of me and easy to grab. We use them every day throughout the holiday season not just for a big celebration-and that sort of justifies me buying dinnerware for every holiday...I can't seem to help myself!

I love pansies. And, it seems, the more little bouquets I pick, the more pansies continue to bloom!

So that is St. Pat's 2017. Now I am on to organizing as much as I can for the weekend. The one thing I know we will do is the leprechaun scavenger hunt-the kids just love this...could be because of the "gold" they find at the end of the rainbow! Mom won't be happy but their dentist will LOVE me!

Each goodie bag contains a Twizzler rainbow with Rolo gold at its ends, leprechaun gold coins, a large rainbow lollipop and rainbow Nerds. And then we have the rainbow Skittles for game markers and Minute-to-Win-It props and M&M Bingo markers! My teeth are hurting just thinking about it!

I am not a chocolate person but I do love the mint M&Ms available only at Christmas-or so I thought until I found these at Target...and shades of just green to boot! It was meant to be. I think we're ready. Let the fun begin. Stay tuned.

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