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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

TRULY a Lazy Craft

I'm not kidding! Everything I needed for this craft was less than an arm's length away! I was sitting at my computer perusing Pinterest when these adorable St. Pat's Mason jars came across the screen. And then, I turned my head and sitting right there was not only an empty Mason jar but all of the St. Pat colors of paint and the brushes. I was beginning to gather the supplies I need for the kids' St. Pat's weekend and there they were right there. It was meant to be-lol. I will admit that I wanted to make one jar of each color so I did have to get up and walk to my Mason jar supply but that was it-I promise.

So, just that quickly, I was on to another craft. I enjoy decorating with Mason jars. I think they look nice scattered around the house with fresh flowers from my gardens and, if they are holiday themed, all the better.

A plain Mason jar just begging to be crafted!

The first coat of paint on the jars. This tutorial-which came from "Mason Jar Crafts Love"- recommends two coats with 24 hours between so I am going to follow instructions because I have had trouble with paint adherence on these jars in the past.

Once the paint was dry, a little sanding was needed to distress the embossing on the jars. Here come the shamrocks-so easy...just 3 dots that I applied with a pencil eraser and then I pulled down the stem using a very thin brush. I actually painted on a third coat of green and as soon as it dried, I did its shamrocks in white.

So here they are-almost done. Wanted to give them a few coats of clear sealer to help with the paint adhesion yet again. Those of you who know me will probably agree that I am not the world's most patient person so as I spray on the clear coat, I usually do too much and get drips-and, of course, that happened this time also. I am glad these jars are supposed to be distressed because I just took my finger, flattened the drips the best I could and let it go at that. I used a matte finish so the shine is there but not "in your face".

And here they are on the kitchen window sill. They may end up with some twine twisted around the top of the jar and definitely some flowers but since we are heading out of town, I figured it was one less thing to deal with until we get back.

As I looked at these pictures, I had to laugh. I have always known that I prefer symmetry-sometimes to the point of obsession. I did these two jars without looking at the other and my shamrock design is almost a perfect mirror image. I guess I really can't help myself. Anyways, for a craft that got started and finished all within the space of about 3 feet, I think it turned out great!

And, look who surprised me right as I was finishing up this post-and they came bearing sweets! These kids came in straight from school and singing to me. They were so excited and thrilled to be doing this-just the sweetest thing ever! I am a lucky Nana!

I am truly blessed. I have the greatest gift in life-a large and loving family. Who could really ever ask for more?! Stay tuned.

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