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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy Easter...

...on St. Pat's Day! Yes, I know, while the rest of the world is turning everything green, we did that this past weekend and I am now on to the next holiday. We have daughter #1 and her family coming tomorrow for a week's visit and I want to be ready!

And so, without further ado-and because I really need to start getting some cleaning done...but then again, there will be 3 dogs here all week so I'm not sure why I feel the need to clean-but that's for another post-welcome to the living room. And, let me just say that because this was the quickest change EVER, I pretty much kept things the same-just a few added goodies for this year.

I still love the vintage sign nestled into the wreath. The wreath will hang here all through my spring decor as well so all I will have to do is pull out the Easter sign and I will be ready to go!

I think I also like the addition of the sign because it helps pull this little papier mache' chick into the fold amongst so many bunnies.

Again, I am nothing if not consistent. This is one of my finds at HL this year and it goes right along with the feel of the vintage sign in the wreath except that this one celebrates the bunnies.

Here is another new goodie this year-this one from PB. And, since I waited to buy it until I was actually able to go to the store, it was on sale. Seems like I always have an affinity to the PB watercolor pillows as well-I think I have them for at least 4 other occasions.

I love these silly old pages given to me by daughter #3 years ago and now I have added the paper nest that my cousin made for me a few years back. There is just something about the aged paper that makes them go together so perfectly.

And, as if I am not rushing holidays together quickly enough already, let me show you my first Mother's Day gift of the year. Yes, you saw correctly! When we were in St. Pete last week and I was helping get stuff out of my daughter's garage, my eyes fell upon 3 of these beauties. When I asked my daughter about them, she started mumbling all sorts of nonsensical things and then finally admitted that she had bought one of them for me as a birthday gift but then she and her sister came up with another idea so she decided to keep it for MD. Of course, now that I had seen it, there was NO way I was waiting until May to begin using it so here it is! I love it! I am using it to hold a candle right now just because I was in such a hurry, but the possibilities are endless once I actually have time to think and I know this will be one of those decorative items that will stay out pretty much all year long! The older I get, the LARGER I like my statements to be!

So I am off to clean but I have lots more to show you. Stay tuned.

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