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Friday, March 11, 2016

I've Been De-Throned!

We are back from our trip to daughter #1's house and my week long celebration has come to an end! It is time to let the next birthday celebrant have the throne. But oh what a fabulous run I had. I have posted about our weekend with daughter #2 and her family and dinner with hubby and my surprise visit on my real day from daughter #3 and her family-not to mention my cake.

The day after my birthday, daughter #3 took me to lunch. We tried out a new restaurant downtown and enjoyed our meal out on their patio.

I had an artichoke and spinach panini with quinoa chips and salad. It was delicious and we will go back! After lunch I went with my daughter to several of her clients to see their renovations. It was fabulous to see so many of her design boards in real life!

The next morning we were off to St. Pete and I was soon in my "happy place"- the front porch. The trees are just beginning to bud and the weather was perfect!

After a lovely dinner, we were off to see "Mulan". This production was put on by my grand daughter's middle school and although Liv does not like to be in front of people, she and her friend had a wonderful time as back stage managers.

Saturday morning we got to help my daughter and a friend with a garage sale. Garage sales are not usually my thing but this was a neighborhood kind of thing and we had so much fun meeting and talking to everyone.

Saturday afternoon my brother and sister-in-law arrived and joined us on the porch-good thing it's so big. We did lots of talking and then finished the night with a movie.

I really didn't realize it, but Sunday was apparently designated as the day to celebrate my birthday and they had really done lots of planning behind my back. Since this was also the day of the series finale for Downton Abbey, they used an English theme for my celebration. It started with a breakfast of scones, Devonshire cream and fresh strawberries.

Once everyone's' bellies were full, we headed to the Brocante Market to look for treasures.

Then, believe it or not, we were off to Home Depot to purchase wood to make a big, shabby chic head board for my grand daughter's bedroom make-over. I know this may not be what most people would want for a birthday, but I love this kind of project. We all put in our "two cents" and I think we came up with a winner.

With all of the projects I have done over the years, I have never used a nail gun. I think I might be addicted. It was so much fun!

Our dinner consisted of meat and vegetarian pasties, tea sandwiches, fresh fruit, lemon tea cookies and shortbread. Everything was delicious and I ate way too much but, luckily, I had just enough room left for a slice of my birthday cake-coconut and cream torte from Wright's Gourmet Deli in Tampa.

The evening ended with the Downton Abbey finale and, even though I have not been an avid viewer as have others in my family, I enjoyed watching it.

Monday was a catch-up day. We all did pretty much nothing and it felt great...more sitting on the porch, walks through the beautiful neighborhood and, of course, eating.

Tuesday we headed out to one of our favorite restaurants for a big breakfast and then we were off to Hyde Park in Tampa.

The weather was picture perfect and we so enjoyed browsing all of the shops...I even found a few goodies in PB that I will share soon-no surprise there! We were going to head out for dinner but opted for delivery and an evening of Yahtzee on the porch.

And, all too soon it was Wednesday and we were on our way home.

Today I am getting all of my ducks in a row for St. Pat's weekend with the kids. I have moved my home base because my brother and sister-in-law are joining us so the dining room table will be needed for more than just storage.

I have lined everything up this time in a guest room and I think we are about ready to go!

Decoupage napkin plates...

...a command performance because they loved the Valentine shirts so much-cookie cutter splatter paint shirts...

 ...two kinds of "green" cookies...

...the makings for leprechaun sandwiches...

...St. Pat's Bingo...

...another command performance-the kids want to do the scavenger hunt again. I put their prizes in a bag this year. I basically found everything I could that was rainbow and added the gold and tattoos...

...we have made every other kind of slime so we are going for rainbow this time...

...St. Pat's "Minute-to-Win It" games...

...and just when I thought we could move on to a new entree, the kids begged for rainbow pasta yet again. It is such a pain to do but the results are fabulous and they love it so it is on the menu once again-along with pot o'gold garlic bread and broccoli...

...rainbow fruit kabobs...

...and lots and lots of dress up goodies for photo-ops...of which there will be MANY so stay tuned! 

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