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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hippity Hoppity...

We are having the first really dreary, rainy day that we have had in awhile. While my yard is loving it, the three grand dogs we have visiting would really so much rather be outside and running around. So, lucky for you, this will be a bit of a short post so I can go keep my eye on what mischief they may find inside to amuse themselves!?!

I like the mantle kind of sparse but I kept thinking something was missing when I realized that there were no lights to hang. I really don't remember but I am thinking they must have burned out last year and I tossed them. If I see any egg lights in my wanderings this week, I might just grab a set but if not, I am getting used to this look and will think about it again next year. I DO still love my bunny sign!

Simplicity is really the theme of the day in this room. Easter just came too quickly after St. Pat's for me to do anything new and innovative. I am not even getting any new crafting done but having the family here for the week will more than make up for that so I am good.

It is too quiet on the other side of the house-off to see what they're up to. Stay tuned.

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