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Monday, March 30, 2015

Really Hard to Believe...

...but yesterday our oldest granddaughter, Hannah, ran her first marathon and finished it in 3 hours, 28 minutes and 16 seconds-which I am told is really good and which qualifies her for the Boston Marathon...which was her goal.

And while Hannah was finishing up her marathon in Ormond Beach, we were out at Carney Island Park watching Harrison compete in his second triathlon. The weather was gorgeous but chilly so I was having my doubts about the swimming leg of this event, but those people jumped in that water like it was bath tub temperature. He did really well and finished with a smile on his face-what more could we ask?

I marvel at the fact that these are my blood relatives raised by my daughters who also ENJOY exercise for exercise sake. Don't know where that gene comes from but it certainly isn't me as I could sit and read and watch the world go by all day long. I enjoy gardening, cleaning, shopping, all sorts of things that involve movement---just NOT exercise for exercise sake. I get really bored and then I'm done. But, I must admit, it is nice to bask in their glory now and then!

Since the weather was so beautiful, these two enjoyed the beach while we waited for the official start.

He is "official" and ready to go!

First the swimming

...then on to the biking...

...and lastly, the running.

Must be a good feeling to cross that finish line.

When the race was over, we made our way over to the other side of Lake Weir to Eaton's Beach Sandbar and Grill where Harrison got a much deserved rest while we waited for our table. We ate out on the deck while the kids all swam and enjoyed the beach. There was a lovely breeze blowing, live music playing, delicious food for eating and just an all-around wonderful way to end such a special day!

And a quick look at the guest bath before I head back out into our beautiful weather.

I'm almost done showing you Easter and it's a darn good thing because it is almost here! Just a bit more. Stay tuned.

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