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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Practice Makes Perfect

I have posted a lot about how I get ready for any activities I am doing with the kids. I always prepare things in advance because there is nothing worse than having to just sit and wait while someone gathers craft items, cuts and measures, etc. I also like to make a sample whenever possible. It shows the kids where we are headed and also gives me a head's up in case the instructions are not real good and lets me find ways to make things more kid friendly.

And so, yesterday found me trying to put together the moss shamrock that I showed you in an earlier post. Since that was just a picture from an Etsy shop, there were no instructions so I just had to "wing" it.

I started by finding a free shamrock download and then printed it and enlarged it to a size I thought would work.  Since I had a lot of foam core from another project, I decided to use it for my base. I simply traced my pattern and cut it out with an Exacto knife-with a new, very sharp blade.

Then I decided to give the shamrocks a quick base coat of green. I figured that way even if the kids didn't get a full layer of moss on their shamrock, the white background wouldn't show through.

Next, I put down a layer of white glue-one section at a time- and "smushed" the moss onto it. When this had dried, I came back and gave it a bit of a haircut so the shape was distinguishable and used some of the "crumbs" to cover the edges.

All that was left then was to add the burlap ribbon, hang and admire. I think the kids will enjoy making this as a gift for their parents and, more to the point, I think it is something my daughter will enjoy hanging-haha. The only thing about using the foam core as a base is that it will probably not do well outside but that is a small price to pay to avoid having to cut this shape out of wood!

And, once again the dining room table is full of everything we will need this weeked except our food. And yes, I got brave enough to try the bleached shamrock shirts-anyone can paint a green shamrock on a white shirt-right?? The idea is to iron on a freezer paper shamrock and then paint and splatter bleach around it. Then the paper is removed to reveal a "bleached" shamrock shape...we shall see!

Photo props are ready to go as well as 4 jars that will hold the colored water for our attempt to make a "rainbow rose". We have made green carnations before using this process so we are ready for the next step-fingers crossed! I also have our list of leprechaun names to use again-the kids loved this last year!

My stash of dress-ups for St. Pat's grows every year. This year I added the green!

I've got the start of our edibles with all of the recipes. Note the nutricious breakfast the kids will be having. We will add some fruit rainbows and probably some green pancakes or scrambled eggs but I just couldn't pass up that special St. Pat's packaging!

Stuff ready for the moss shamrock.

Think we are going to try these silly leprechaun frames. I found this idea a few years ago and we haven't gotten around to them yet. I think the kids will enjoy having their pictures taken and turning them into these leprechauns. It will be a good "filler" project because all they will have to do is glue the fun foam pieces together. I looked at the picture I found and free handed what I thought the patterns should look like. It should be fun.

The kids had so much fun making the exploding ghosts and pumpkins for Halloween that we are going to do something similar with exploding rainbows.

And of course, we will finish with the traditional treasure hunt with their pot of goodies at the end of the rainbow. I think I am almost ready. Daughter #1 and family are coming in this afternoon to spend the night on the way to Atlanta, so I can sit back and enjoy a visit with them before the fun begins. Stay tuned.

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