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Friday, March 6, 2015

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Today is the last "official" day of my birthday "week" celebration. If you remember, I started the week with a lovely outdoor lunch at one of my favorite restaurants with our oldest grand daughter and wonderful phone calls from all of the rest of the family.

This child knows me sooo well. While I truly love all flowers - especially spring flowers - when the St . Pat's stuff is out, my preference is always greenish-white tulips. And, her card for me was right on the money!

She said she had a serious card picked out when she saw this and knew I would love it - which I did! Again, so me!! If you look carefully, you can probably find glitter of every color anywhere in my house from all of the last year's projects. Of course, she added her own beautiful note to me inside that truly made my day!

Tuesday ended up being "errand" day, so we once again enjoyed a lovely meal out - this time breakfast - followed by a long, leisurely lunch outdoors at a new restaurant here in town on Wednesday and pedicures and lunch out yesterday with our youngest daughter. And, just when I thought I was done, hubby says "we are heading out of town today for one last hurrah for your birthday." Seems like we are off for a little shopping spree followed once again by another meal at another of our favorite restaurants. Looks like the next thing on my agenda will need to be DIET!

We also squeezed in another birthday celebration recently. Grandson #1 just hit "double digits"! He had a small family celebration on his real day and then a day of paintball with some of his friends. Since paintball is not a spectator friendly sport, hubby and I stayed home and spent the day with the two youngest kids. Which turned out to be the safest route since Harrison came by afterwards to tell us all about it and show us all of his bumps and bruises...and to declare yet again that this was the BEST day of his life. I love his enthusiasm for life! He finds the best in everything and I am glad he had such a special milestone birthday!

The kids always get to choose their birthday dinner and this year Harrison wanted a "meat buffet". He was very happy with the steaks provided and compromised on the "sides" for those us us who prefer veggies. And, since his mom and aunt own a monogram boutique, a monogrammed steak was all the better!

Since this month seems to be moving so quickly, I have finally started getting my ducks in a row for St. Pat's kid's day...and the rainbow theme usually finds its way in there somewhere so I have just started buying anything "rainbow" I can find. I will look some more today so they have really good "pots of gold" at the end of their rainbow treasure hunt!

A bit more St. Pat's to share so you will just have to stay tuned. And, hopefully some garden updates will be on their way too!

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