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Friday, March 27, 2015

So Much To Do... little time! Again I will say that it is either this "getting older" thing or my husband's retirement schedule, but I am ALWAYS running behind these days! I am getting ready to sit down and make some definite plans for Easter although it looks like I have missed my crafting opportunities. I am guessing that is because Easter is early this year. It makes me sad not to get in any crafting but, since I didn't really have any "to die for" ideas, I will get over it and move on to the necessities-like what we are going to eat and how the gardens and yard will look! We will probably be spending most of the day outside and I love the yard to look as if spring is bursting forth. We bought a lot of mulch the other day-yet to be spread-and some flowers, but so much more to go! I need to get moving so I will show you a bit more of my decor and then get going...

Nothing much has changed here...if it "ain't" broke, don't fix it. I like this vignette the way it is and until I find some kind of new "treasure", it will probably stay like this!

I still really love this pitcher given to me by daughter #3 one year for my birthday. It is one of those things that I keep out pretty much all year. Even though it is beautiful in the spring and summer, it can carry off autumn leaves as well.

I am really happy that I stumbled upon putting this old carpenter's box on my kitchen counter. It stays right there now-all year long-and I use it to hold all sorts of odd seasonal pieces. I find I use these things so much more now that they are super easy to just grab.

So that is the kitchen. Again, pretty simple and straight forward. Just found out we are having some "company" this afternoon, so off to do a few chores first. Stay tuned.

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