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Saturday, March 7, 2015


So I think I have most of my plans for our kid's St. Pat's weekend. After so many years of doing this, it is hard to find new things to do but sometimes, it is OK to repeat something that was a hit! That is what we will be doing for our dinner this year. A few years ago, we made rainbow pasta.

Presley was only 3 at the time, but it must have made quite an impression because she has asked to do it again every holiday weekend since-whether rainbows were in the "theme" or not. And so, we will once again have this delicious delicacy! It is not difficult to make-just tedious-as each color of pasta has to be tinted individually. Thinking maybe this year we will just mix the colors together but I will have to see what reaction I get to that change-think there may be something about the rainbow arch that makes it really magical. And, I think we will do the "pot-o-gold" garlic bread again also. If it ain't broke, why fix it?

I think I will have the kids make themselves another shamrock shirt so they will be "pinchproof" just in case. There are so many ideas on Pinterest that I haven't made up my mind yet-I am teetering between a green shirt with the shamrock "bleached" out or a painted shamrock. The bleached shirt is really cool but will depend on whether or not I can find green shirts and whether I am brave enough to hand the kids bottles of Clorox-you will be the first to know what I decide.

And then, I am planning to have them make a moss shamrock tied up with a large burlap bow. I think this will fit nicely into their home decor and mom will be proud to hang it!

I've got lots of other ideas up my sleeve as well-should be a super busy, super fun weekend.

Since the week ahead will be full of lots of shopping and prep work, let's see the end of the house decorations while we have a chance.

I guess sometimes it does pay to procrastinate. Usually I plant my shamrocks after St. Pat's Day only to go out and dig them up and re-pot them the next year. For some reason, I never got last year's plants into the ground and they did just fine so all I had to do was carry them into the house. I have two large pots in the sun room but I am betting if I headed out to my gardens, I could find more that have shot up from previous years. These will make wonderful centerpieces next weekend.

And, if you remember how I always marvel at how "smart" a Christmas cactus must be to know exactly when to bloom, I will stand corrected. While my obviously gifted plant bloomed right around the December holiday, this is what it looks like again as we speak...not sure why as it has been all warm and cozy in the sun room for the last three months, but it is once again blooming and making me smile...guess I am not the only one who has been confused by our crazy winter this year!! Stay tuned.

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