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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Newest Game Show in Town..."Stump the Decorator"

When my daughter mentioned that she and the kids would be dropping by yesterday afternoon, little did I know she would be slipping on her "decorator" hat before the visit was over. She is the one who has taken me kicking and screaming into the new (?) millennium. Sometimes she suggests things that I really don't think I am going to like but I am always willing to try...and, so far, I have loved every idea we have implemented-although I will admit to still missing some of my "merchandising" areas.

That being said, we were sitting in the living room having a lovely catch-up kind of visit and talking about Easter plans when she reiterated one more time that she really doesn't like the black armoire I have in the living room and how much larger and fresher the room would look if we moved it...or, better yet, got it out of there. So I said, "when do you want to come try that?" and she said "right now". So, wine was poured and we got busy while hubby just sat there shaking his head and wondering when all was said and done if this was going to end up costing him something. He doesn't believe us when we say we can just "shop the house".

And so we started-thank goodness for furniture slides-by taking down this mirror and pulling out this console and pushing the armoire into its place. Oh yes, I forgot that this whole thing started when my daughter asked if I liked this console because she said it would be perfect ct for something she wanted to do in her ever evolving living room and I said I actually was wanting to get rid of it.

When we put this armoire in the console's place and we both knew IT DID NOT WORK! One side of the room looked better but the other was awful. Then she asked about just getting rid of it and I showed her everything it holds-down comforters, blankets, pillows and games, games and more games. She then set off to find other closets in this house that could accommodate all of these necessities-while I stood nearby with a huge smirk on my face as I am the one that puts ALL of my STUFF somewhere and I knew what she would find.

After opening-and closing-every closet in this house, she shook her head and declared me a hoarder-albeit an organized one! And with that one little pronouncement, everything got pushed back into their original places and I won "Stump the Decorator"! There is no doubt she will mull this conundrum...and maybe even come up with an answer...but I doubt it!

While I am here, why don't we take a peek at the dining room.

Still not finding major inspiration in the dining room but, since a lot of this stuff will get moved before we sit down to actually eat in this room on Easter, I am OK with it as is. GORGEOUS day out there today, so I am heading out. I'll be back soon. Stay tuned.

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